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80's and 90's 12 Inch Mixes


000_0003My name is Paul (also known as DjPaulT). I am a huge fan of 80s and 90s 12″ mixes. I was a club DJ for many years and I love the music from the 1980s and early 1990s. I grew up in Oklahoma City and Graduated from Midwest City High School. I now reside in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

My passion has always been Music. I am a collector of mostly vinyl 12″ maxi-singles. I sometimes reminisce about how much I loved going into my local Sam Goody or Musicland store and looking at all of the new 12″ singles that had arrived. I always loved how producers could remix a song into something completely new. I loved buying my record and taking it home. I enjoyed looking at the big artwork and reading the production information while I listened to the different mixes. I even love the smell of a new vinyl record. Sadly all of the record shops began to close. I was left yearning for that experience of going to the record shop and finding many gems that are now forgotten.

In July of 2007 I became frustrated with the music industry. I started noticing that people were hungry for all of the singles that had disappeared from stores. In July of 2007 I decided to open Burning The Ground on blogger. My goal was to provide the lost masterpieces that have remained mostly out of print. At first I didn’t know much about ripping vinyl. I soon discovered that vinyl ripping really is an art form. So I began ripping my old vinyl and I became more confident. As I got more involved in vinyl ripping, I eventually figured out that I could rip vinyl well. After much trial and error, people finally began loving the sound of my rips. Burning The Ground ended up getting well over a million visitors until blogger shut down the original site in March of 2010.

Now a fresh new beginning has begun. Those that have seen me and my posts over the years know that I am very particular about my posts. I take great pride in offering the best quality that I can provide. I always disliked spending my time to download a favorite rare single on the internet and discovering that the single was a low quality copy. I do my best to provide good quality posts. Quality is what sets Burning The Ground apart from other blogs. I also wanted to go the extra mile and provide some liner notes with each post. I like to give information to you about each single. Someone told me once that when anyone ever wanted to know about 80s or 90s dance music and remixes, all they had to do was come to Burning The Ground.

I hope that you find something that you like while visiting Burning The Groundr. I am so glad I have all of you here with me on this musical journey.

March, 2010