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Tornado and this weeks postings

Posted by DjPaulT on 7th August 2017

Hi everybody,

Some of you may have heard that a Tornado struck Tulsa early Sunday morning causing significant damage to parts of the city. I am fine and did not receive any damage however power was out for several hours. I am planning to postpone posting this week for several reasons. I will be going to help my fellow Tulsans with any clean up help that may be needed. In addition my mom was in the hospital last week and will be coming to stay with me a couple of days this week. So as you can see not much time for posting.

If you want to help with Tornado recovery efforts you can contact the American Red Cross.



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A Note From DjPaulT

Posted by DjPaulT on 24th June 2017

Hi BTG fans,

I have had some readers ask me why do you post records that I have never heard of? The answer is I have very eclectic taste and I love showcasing songs and artists that have been forgotten. The 80s were a special time for music, and I like showing a wider, historical view of the brave creative choices that musicians made in that decade. I really get into broadening minds outside of the well-known mainstream songs that we all know and hear regularly. Not to say that I don’t like posting those. I do. I just think that we should be open to discovering new things from 80s music. I really appreciate when a post gets lots of likes or comments and I would like to see more of you participate in the BTG community. The main reason I started BTG way back in 2007 was to digitize and share my record collection with you. Many of the records have been forgotten by major labels. Many of you that have been following me all these years know that I am not a huge CD fan. I’m not really even keen on mp3s. They are both compressed and fidelity is lost. If I could, BTG would just be a lossless 24bit site, but that is not what most of my readers prefer. I guess what I want to say is that on BTG you can expect some obscure stuff with some mainstream added in the mix. I do hope that more of you will comment and press the like button on the BTG Facebook and Twitter pages.

I hope you have a great weekend.


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Untouched Wins!

Posted by DjPaulT on 26th October 2014

I love the old adage “if it’s not broke don’t fix it”. After reading all of the comments and doing some research on my own, I have decided to keep my rips as they are, “UNTOUCHED”. I agree with many of you that louder is not always better. If the listener prefers they can always themselves add EQ or gain. I have never cared much for all of these LOUD remastered CDs. That is why I love vinyl so much. The pure warmth and dynamic range cannot be matched by compact disc (in my opinion). After all that is why I started BTG in the first place. I wanted to provide a place where vinyl purists and enthusiats could come and get great music unspoiled by today’s industry.

I appreacite all of the comments and the valuble information that so many of you provided. The input of my readers is what makes Burning The Ground such a wonderful place.

– DjPaulT

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New Tab Added To BTG!

Posted by DjPaulT on 26th January 2013

Happy weekend everyone! Have you ever wanted to know the history of the 12″ single? I thought it would fun to add a new page to the blog just for that. If you look at the top of the page you will see several tabs. Just click the one that says “History Of The 12 Inch” there you will be able to read all about how the glorious 12″ came to be. I even learned a few things that I never knew. I hope you enjoy reading.

~ Paul

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