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Taking Today Off

Posted by DjPaulT on 27th October 2017

Taking today off to give myself a break. I love what I do here on BTG but sometimes I need to just get away from it. I never want it to feel like a job. I get that not everyone is into the Halloween season like I am. I just see it as a time to have fun and not take it seriously. I tried to limit the amount of Halloween themed posts to mainly the last week or so not the entire month of October. I still have two more records that I want to post for Halloween which I will do on Monday and Tuesday of next week.

Hope you all have a nice weekend.


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48th Birthday

Posted by DjPaulT on 8th February 2017

Hi guys,

Today I turn 48 years old and decided to take the day off. I feel everyone should celebrate their birthday in one way or another. No matter what cards we are dealt in life birthdays are a special gift. I am just gonna hang out today and go with the the flow. I love all of you and appreciate you so much.



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An Apology…

Posted by DjPaulT on 6th November 2016

After seeing some of my most loyal readers become disappointed that I made a partisan political post, I decided not to use BTG for a political endorsement. I want to apologize for muddying up this great musical adventure at BTG with any political pressure or tension. I don’t want to lose loyal readers over this election. People have really strong feelings in this election, and I’m no exception. I have a positive view of my preferred candidate, not a fearful one. Perfection is not on the ballot, and it never will be, but I trust my readers to make their own decisions to vote for the candidate who is closest to his or her ideals in character and policy, and then we the people are put to the task of holding them accountable. That is the positive outlook that has been the pride of American democracy throughout our history and in our finest moments. I’m glad we can have a friendly disagreement. Whoever you vote for, get out and vote!


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Doctor Today

Posted by DjPaulT on 25th August 2016

Hi guys just wanted to let you know that I have a couple of doctor appointments today so I will not be posting. I will return tomorrow. I also want to send out thoughts and prayers for our friends in Louisiana, Myanmar and Italy we are thinking of you.

Have a great day/night,


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Happy Christmas

Posted by DjPaulT on 23rd December 2015



I want to wish each and every one of you a very Happy Christmas and a healthy, 2016. Let us hope that in the coming year we can all come together as brothers and sisters of this beautiful planet. In the US it is an election year I hope that our country can elect new leaders that are on the side of compassion not bigotry. We should spread the word of peace not violence. Let’s put away our guns. Even though I don’t know you personally, my readers are all my family. Thank you for making BTG a part of your life. Well gotta run. Guests will be arriving later this evening. I’ve gotta do some last minute preparations. Have a great Christmas everyone. Be safe and don’t eat too much. No actually eat all you want 🙂 See you on Monday Decmber 28.

Love & Light,


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Limited Posting

Posted by DjPaulT on 15th September 2015

Hi guys. Posting may be a little limited for a week or two. My mom is getting older and is having some trouble with her eyes so I have been having to take her back and forth to the eye doctor. She lives out of town and comes to stay with me on the days that she has a doctor appointment. I should have mentioned this before now but this has only recently developed. I like to try to keep you all informed of what is going on because I know many of you wait patiently to see what will be posted each day. I am planning to have a new post for you on Thursday or Friday. Next week will also be much like this week. Thank you for being so understanding.

I love you guys.


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