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Thank You!

Posted by DjPaulT on February 9th, 2018

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for all of the thoughtful Birthday wishes that I received yesterday. There were so many that I could not respond to all of them on the blog, Facebook, and Twitter. You guys are the best! Next week is Valentine’s Day so I am planning to do a themed week featuring singles with the word LOVE in the title. I have done this a few times before and it’s always been fun. So look forward to that. I hope everybody has a great weekend.

Love & Light


25 Responses to “Thank You!”

  1. Juliano Says:

    That’s a great idea, Paul!!!
    And a belated HAPPY B’DAY for you, all the way from Brazil 🙂


  2. Jeff Says:

    Keep on enjoying your Birthday Paul!! I loved reading the many birthday wishes you received, and boy, you deserve it all and more!!

    Have a fantastic weekend and keep the celebration going!!



  3. Ken Says:

    Fingers crossed for a re-rip of the US 12″ of Love Comes Quickly by PSB!!


    NKelly Reply:

    Just looked. 6 years old on Tuesday and the first PSB entry on the blog!


  4. NKelly Says:

    Please do Thompson Twins: Love on your side. Just looked on the site AND my hard drive. Was amazed to see you haven’t posted it yet!


    negative1 Reply:

    I second that. Was just about to suggest the same thing.



    NKelly Reply:

    Cool great minds think alike!!


  5. Mark Says:

    Have a great weekend Paul 🙂


  6. Jimmie D Says:

    A belated “Happy Birthday” wish to you, Paul. Thanks for the great music in impeccable sound.



    Happy Birthday Paul!


  8. Matthew Chance Says:

    Happy Birthday, you’re 6 years younger than I. Stay healthy because when you hit your fifties, things begin to happen.Peace.

    Also, can you post the 12″ single of “Summertime Summertime” by Nocera with the Hard Dub versions on it? Thanks


    Fred Reply:

    I second that request! What an awesome dub as well as summer song!


  9. Raymond Leslie Says:

    I hope the 12” Stacey Q “I Love You” is on the roster 😉 Either way though, I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us!

    Glad you had a wonderful birthday! xo


  10. Fred Says:

    Super happy birthday!!! I hope we can see Caribbean Queen (No More Love On The Run) next week! The mixes are incredible and one of my all time favorites songs.

    Have a fantastic weekend and thanks again for all your hard work!!


  11. Jermajesty Says:

    A belated Happy Birthday Paul – hope you had a good one. 🙂


  12. memoryboy Says:

    The Cure – Lovesong (Extended)


  13. Daniel Says:

    Hope there will also be some slow songs. Still many remixes of beautiful ballads are out there, waiting to be discovered or reheard.


  14. slamminshann Says:

    Happy belated birthday! Thank you for all you do!


  15. CL Says:

    🙂 Happy Birthday Paul!!!!


  16. Hugo Says:

    If we are talking about Love please consider “Love’s Great Adventure” by Ultravox.
    Ultravox has only one single here, but they were very active back in the 80’s.

    Also, possible “Is Your Love Strong Enough?” by Brian Ferry from the Legend Soundtrack 1985. and “Love Last forever” By Kissing The Pink 1983.

    Cheers Paul on your birthday Love & Peace Forever:-)


    Hugo Reply:

    I’ve noticed that “Is Your Love Strong Enough?” by Brian Ferry from the Legend Soundtrack 1985. was already posted on one of your Love weeks, so Maybe “A Love Like Blood” by Killing Joke 1985 could be a substitute!? fingers crossed.


  17. Grant Says:

    Happy happy birthday to someone who gives so much to so many via your wonderful blog – cheers, DJPaul!


  18. ben Says:

    Hi Paul
    Looking forward to it
    a link that may be of interest to you




  19. Alfie Says:

    I’ve been following your site for a few years now. Thank you for all that you do and enjoy 49! This is one of the best blogs on the net. Happy belated!


  20. DJ D Says:


    this is DJ D from the now defunct retro remixes. happy birthday and thanks for the downloads


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