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Tornado and this weeks postings

Posted by DjPaulT on August 7th, 2017

Hi everybody,

Some of you may have heard that a Tornado struck Tulsa early Sunday morning causing significant damage to parts of the city. I am fine and did not receive any damage however power was out for several hours. I am planning to postpone posting this week for several reasons. I will be going to help my fellow Tulsans with any clean up help that may be needed. In addition my mom was in the hospital last week and will be coming to stay with me a couple of days this week. So as you can see not much time for posting.

If you want to help with Tornado recovery efforts you can contact the American Red Cross.



29 Responses to “Tornado and this weeks postings”

  1. Dj Telao Says:



  2. Rafael Cova Says:

    Hello Paul, I hope you are well that everything goes fine.




  3. Jeff Says:

    Glad to hear that you are alright Paul. That’s very nice of you too to help those who got the worst of the Tornado. Please give my regards to your Mom and I hope she feels better.



  4. Roy Mahoney Says:

    Hi Paul. Glad you are safe and well matey. Very decent of you to help those affected and needing help. Look after yourself and I send my best.


  5. Marceloide Says:

    Hola Paul, que bueno que estés bien. Mucha fuerza y te envío un gran abrazo. Un gran saludo.



  6. Marcelo Says:

    Hola Paul espero que se solucionen los problemas que dejo el tornado en tu ciudad que pronto vuelva todo a la normalidad.Abrazo


  7. THEIRLAW Says:

    stay safe, God bless


  8. Walter C Says:

    I’m glad to know that you’re well mate, I hope all the people in your area can soon return to normal.


  9. Guss Says:

    Hola amigo Paul, me alegro que estes bien, espero vuelva todo a la normalidad pronto. Saludos!!!


  10. Tom Wynn Says:

    Hope all is not as bed as it sounded. Tom


  11. AnthonyC Says:

    Oh Lord! That is terrible news!

    I hope everyone in the town is ok.


  12. ex15 Says:

    Family,friends and your community, come first.

    Forsake everything else……..


  13. Philip Walker Says:

    Hey Paul

    I live in the other tornado alley. This area has been, in the past, ravaged by tornadoes. I certainly understand everything about that.


  14. Richard Says:

    Good luck with your efforts wish your mom a speedy recovery.

    Severe weather events seems to be coming more frequently, I think we’re all going to have to dig deeper to help out.


  15. Osc Says:

    Glad to hear you’re ok. Best wishes for a speedy recovery both to your mom and your community.


  16. Dave Says:

    Hey Paul…

    Priorities, ya know? There are things in life that are a LOT more important than posting to this group!
    Glad you’re okay… PLEASE take all the time you need to help others and ESPECIALLY your mom! Treasure her while she’s here… I lost my mom seven years ago and still miss her.


  17. Mark Cunningham Says:

    Glad you are okay. It’s wonderful that you are helping the recovery effort. Also, hope all is well with your mom.

    Stay safe.


  18. memoryboy Says:

    Hey Paul, thanks for letting us know! That’s wonderful you want to help others, very kind of you. Have a great week.


  19. Jermajesty Says:

    Hadn’t heard the tornado news but glad you’re ok man. 🙂

    Does your mom have a similar eclectic music taste as yourself? Would be fun for you to surprise us with something she would like, when you get back on track to posting.

    Stay safe. x


  20. Nubben Says:

    Hope you, your Mom and everyone else close to Tulsa are doing ok Paul!


  21. Nathan Alan Says:

    Glad you are unharmed from the storm. Safety first Paul, careful around fallen debris please. Hope your Mom recovers quickly and your community gets back on it’s feet in the very near future.


  22. musicdivaSF Says:

    I heard about the tornado that Tulsa and I’m so sorry to hear about the devastation it did. But I hope that the city has received the aid it needed by this time. As for your mom, no need to explain. Family is important, so take care of her and yourself too and we’ll see you back here soon. 🙂


  23. Robert Glasspie Says:

    Glad you’re okay and my hopes and prayers to the people of Tulsa.


  24. djamora Says:

    Dear Friend,

    How are things in Tulsa?
    I hope that everyone is managing to recover this piece of Nature more by helping each other.
    I believe that soon all of you will be able to recover and soon, soon everything will return to normal.

    Peace and tranquility is what I wish for you.



  25. Matt Says:

    Paul I’m glad to hear you are ok and sorry to hear about your mom. I hope she feels better soon and good luck on the clean up. That takes priority over anything else now. We’ll be here when you return.


  26. John Says:

    I hope everyone and yourself in your community are ok, it must be a terrible shock to the system when something like this happens…..Take Care and your Mum too!


  27. negative1 Says:

    Best wishes Paul,

    Hope for the best, and your family and friends will be OK.
    Glad you can help the community.

    If you want some people to guest host, or put up some tracks
    I’m sure people can volunteer.


  28. Jose Rosario Says:

    Glad to hear you’re safe and sound mate. Take all the time you need. 😉


  29. Dj Dub Says:

    hola amigo paul fuerza y que todo salga bien un abrazo grande.


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