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Charles B. – Lack Of Love (US 12″)

Posted by DjPaulT on July 7th, 2017


“Lack Of Love” is an acid house single by Charles B who hails from Chicago and is known as The Grave Digger due to his spiritual and religious background and his ability to sing in descantes. Well known in the gay scene, Charles B. wrote his own songs by singing them to musical accomplices like Adonis.

The record was produced by acid house pioneer Adonis who made his name with the classic 1986 tracks “No Way Back” and “We’re Rockin Down The House”.

The “heiy” vocal sample comes from “In the Morning Time” by Tramaine originally, from ’86. The “Heiy” sample is actually the “Ha” syllable of a vocal “Sing Hallelujah”, messed around with a bit. “Sing Hallelujah” vocal from “In the Morning Time” was also sampled as the main refrain in Dr Alban’s “Sing Hallelujah”.

“Lack Of Love” was the only single ever released by Charles B..

Lack Of Love (Club Mix) 6:20
Remix [Mixed By] – Mark Saunders

Lack Of Love (Ivory Mix) 5:04
Engineer – Gary Wilkinson

Lack Of Love (Garage Mix) 5:03
Remix [Mixed By] – Mike Cameron*, Troy Patterson

Lack Of Love (Garage Dub) 4:41
Remix [Mixed By] – Mike Cameron*, Troy Patterson

Vinyl: Near Near Mint
Sleeve: Near Mint

Label: Desire Records ‎– 873 163-1, PolyGram ‎– 873 163-1
Format: Vinyl, 12″, Single, 33 ⅓ RPM
Country: US
Released: 1988
Genre: Electronic
Style: Acid House, Deep House, Garage House

Producer – Adonis
Written-By – Adonis, Charles B

Printed in USA.

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Turntable: Pro-Ject Debut Carbon (DC)
Cartridge: Ortofon 2M
Stylus: Ortofon 2M Bronze
Isolation: Auralex Acoustics ISO-Tone Turntable Isolation Platform
Platter: Pro-Ject Acryl-It platter
Stabilizer: Pro-Ject Record Puck 
Phono Pre-amp:
Bellari VP130 Tube Phono Preamp
Tung-Sol 12AX7ECC803-S Gold Electron Tube
ESI Juli@
Record Cleaning:
VPI HW 16.5 Record Cleaning Machine
Artwork Scans:
Epson Workforce WF-7610 Professional Printer/Scanner

Recording/Editing: Adobe Audition 3.0 (Recording)
Down Sampling: iZotope RX Advanced 2, ocenaudio
Artwork Editor: Adobe Photoshop CS5
Click Removal: Manual
FLAC/MP3 Conversion: dBpoweramp
M3U Playlist: Playlist Creator

All vinyl rips are recorded @ 32bit/float
FLAC (Level Eight)
MP3 (320kbps)
Artwork scanned at 600dpi

Username: btg
Password: burningtheground

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18 Responses to “Charles B. – Lack Of Love (US 12″)”

  1. Jeff Says:

    Paul, I really have to tell you, that you are my main source of getting “new” music from the decade I love best, the 1980’s!! I had meant to let you know that when I went on a road trip last weekend, I made two jukebox CD’s filled with your gorgeous MP3 files and although a lot were my favorite classics, the ones that really made me go wild were all the new tracks you have introduced me to over the years. I am so pleased that Burning The Ground satisfies me on multiple levels. All the great music and dance club releases I am mega-familiar with, combined with all the AWESOME DISCOVERIES you have dropped into my consciousness over the years. You are the champion of so much phenomenal music, both known and more obscure. This is such an important thing you do. We all need to be educated and entertained to what wonderful music there is. You are a Demigod when it comes to uncovering the forgotten gem!!

    So, we come to this record and I’m dying to get home to hear it. I can always count on you for way cool music. Don’t think I know this one, but I love Acid House so I believe it will be a new favorite. Thanks Paul so much for this. Oh, and HUGE applause and gratitude for yesterday’s “Baby Gonna Shake.” I never would have thought I’d hear this 12-inch again. You are so full of surprises that you’ve raised my temperature up a few notches and my heart beat is faster and stronger.

    Hey, have a super weekend too!!



    DjPaulT Reply:

    Thank you so much Jeff. I can always count on you to leave a great comment. I really hope you like this record it is a favorite of mine. It’s got a great vibe.

    Have a great weekend 🙂


    Jeff Reply:

    I do love this record. The club mix is probably my favorite, however, I love how the Ivory mix starts out like a ballad and then those pounding ivory keys of the piano hammer the song on home. Hmm, maybe I do like this version better. In either case, this is a fantastic post Paul. It’s great to hear feedback from the audience too. Comments are always good because it’s interesting to me what people think of the different music you present. Still, I sometimes feel a bit lonely, except for you dear Paul, because it seems that all the tracks I get fired up about, don’t move people to respond to, good or bad. Ah, I know I shouldn’t feel this way, but I kind of do. It just makes me feel worlds better that you love the music. I am always pleased as punch when you post a record that means so very precious to me because I know you love it too.

    Thanks Paul.



  2. RA Feutz Says:

    Don’t mind if I do! I love me some classic acid house from those days. At the time I despised it, but now I look back in wonder at all there is and all that I have ‘collected’ since then! Please Paul, feel free to explore this zone freely! BTW, links are no issue anymore. Thanks again! (Rob)


    DjPaulT Reply:

    i will do my best Rob. Glad to hear the links are working for you.


  3. Marcelo Says:

    Hola Paul,primero quiero felicitarte por tu sitio con la mejor música de la mejor década Los 80.Descargue unos temas anteriores al problema que tuviste la semana pasada y hoy quise bajar el que publicaste y no puedo.Hay algún inconveniente o ya no se puede bajar mas musica. Gracias y que tengas buen fin de semana


    DjPaulT Reply:

    ¿Qué tipo de problema está teniendo? Intente borrar la memoria caché y el historial del navegador.


    Marcelo Reply:

    Hice eso antes de escribirte y sigue igual.Cuando presiono el boton mp3 me habre la misma pagina en otra pestaña…


  4. VanceMan Says:

    New to me but looking forward to enjoying it since it has the DjPaulT seal of approval.


    DjPaulT Reply:

    Hope you like it VancMan >)


  5. Edward Says:

    Never heard of this artist or release, but seeing how Adonis had a hand in it along the way I figured that I’d enjoy it.

    I LOVE IT! Especially the Ivory and Garage mixes.

    Thank you for this, all you’ve done and
    continue to do. Cheers.


    DjPaulT Reply:

    You’re welcome Edward 🙂



    absolutely fantastic, this might be my favorite thing youve ever posted! I’ve always loved this and now having an extensive collection of mixes.. love it!


    DjPaulT Reply:

    Thank you SIDNEYLOOPER 🙂


  7. musicfan Says:

    Not related to this song but the Dancin’ Danny D remix of ‘Living In A Box – Love Is The Art’ is fantastic.

    Perhaps worth considering as a future download, DjPaulT? Imho one of the best remixes of the 1980s.


    DjPaulT Reply:

    musicfan I had several Living In A Box singles posted but I was asked to remove them by their new label owner.


    musicfan Reply:

    Thanks for the info about Living In A Box.


  8. Richard the Big Bunny Says:


    That “heiy” sample is also used in “Viva La Vogue” by Army of Lovers, as featured on the DON’T TELL MOM THE BABYSITTERS DEAD soundtrack, as well as their first album.


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