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Duran Duran – Carnival (US 12″ Mini LP)

Posted by DjPaulT on May 18th, 2017


35 years of “RIO”!

“Carnival” is a dance music EP by Duran Duran, released in various countries by Capitol-EMI in September 1982.

As part of Capitol’s shift in marketing strategy for Duran Duran from New Romantic act to dance band over the course of 1982 (in a bid to shift more units of the Rio album), it was decided to release an EP of remixed tracks in various territories globally to capitalise on increased night-club play and to try to replicate that success on radio.

Part of this strategy involved producer David Kershenbaum remixing various Rio’ tracks. Most of these remixes also appeared on the Carnival release as well as various twelve-inch singles.

The demand for Duran Duran material during the autumn of 1982 was quite high. DJs who heard the new mixes could not get enough, and started to put the dance mixes on the air. During the week of 2 October, the US version of the Carnival EP actually entered the album charts at #98. It was gone by the following week.

The success of the Carnival EP gave the band enough clout to bring Kershenbaum back in to remix the entire A-side of the Rio album, which was re-issued in the United States in November 1982.
The songs and releasesEdit

Due to the fact that Carnival was meant to capitalise on Duran Duran’s burgeoning dance-oriented success, the tracklisting around the world differed from region to region.

The Dutch EP, released in a white sleeve with photos taken from the Rio tour book, featured twelve-inch versions – or ” Night Versions” in early Duran Duran parlance – lifted from four of the band’s more popular singles – “Hungry Like the Wolf”, “Rio”, “Planet Earth” and “Girls on Film”. There is a rare misprint of the Dutch sleeve, stating “Hold Back the Rain” to be included instead of “Planet Earth”.

The Night Version of “Girls on Film” is actually slightly different from the version that appeared on the EMI twelve-inch single, clocking in at just around 15 seconds longer, with a slighty different balance in the mix, and featuring the camera shutter clicking sound effect as heard in the short version. Also, the David Kershenbaum Night Version mix of “Rio” was commercially exclusive to this EP (it also featured on an American promo twelve-inch), as the “Rio” twelve-inch single featured “Rio” (Pt II) as the lead mix.

The Spanish EP featured, on the sleeve at least, the same running order as the Dutch EP. Closer inspection however, shows that the version of “Rio” is actually just the album version, although it’s listed as the Night Version. The song titles on the Spanish release were all translated into Spanish.

For the North American release – released both in Canada and the US – the track listing changed slightly, incorporating among other things, a new Kershenbaum mix of minor single “My Own Way” which featured additional lyrics left off the original album version as well as the ‘rhythm section punched up, making it ideal for dancing’. This mix eventually resurfaced on the Kershenbaum version of the Rio album in November 1982. The EP also featured the full length David Kershenbaum remix of “Hold Back the Rain”, which is quite similar in structure to the version on the B-side of the “Save A Prayer” twelve-inch single. However the guitars are more prominent on the EP mix, and the keyboard and bass are quieter in some places. This mix also featured on the Japanese Carnival EP, with a slighty longer fade out that actual runs completely to the end of the in-studio performance. This full length version was edited down by about half a minute (with sections of the outro choruses cut down) to produce the 6:32 album remix version featured on the North American re-release of Rio.

The North American tracklisting is rounded out by Night Versions of singles “Hungry Like the Wolf” and “Girls on Film”, lifted directly from their respective twelve-inches. Looks-wise, the EP was similar to the Dutch release but came in a purple sleeve, instead of white.

Hungry Like The Wolf (Night Version) 5:16
Girls On Film (Night Version) 5:30

Hold Back The Rain (Carnival Remix) 7:03
My Own Way (Carnival Remix) 4:31

Vinyl: Near Mint
Sleeve: Near Mint


Year Single Chart Position
1982 Carnival U.S. Billboard Hot 100 Albums Chart #98


Label: Harvest ‎– DLP-15006
Format: Vinyl, LP, Mini-Album, Compilation, Limited Edition
Country: US
Released: 1982
Genre: Electronic, Rock, Pop
Style: New Wave, Synth-pop

Art Direction – Roy Kohara
Design – John O’Brien (4)
Engineer [Remix] – George Tutko
Mastered By – SM*
Photography By [Back Cover] – Babushkin*
Photography By [Front Cover Portraits] – Nancy Campbell
Producer, Engineer – Colin Thurston
Remix – David Kershenbaum
Written-By – Taylor* (tracks: A2), Duran Duran (tracks: A1, B1, B2), Taylor* (tracks: A2), Rhodes* (tracks: A2), Taylor* (tracks: A2), Le Bon* (tracks: A2)

Alternative versions of these four tracks appear on the Harvest albums “DURAN DURAN” (ST 12158) and “RIO” (ST 12211), distributed by Capitol Records on records and XDR Cassettes.

A1 appears as “Night Version” on other releases, including the 3rd US edition of the Rio album, mixed by Colin Thurston and errantly credited to David Kershenbaum.

B1 and B2 appear as David Kershenbaum remixes on the 2nd and 3rd US edition of the Rio album.

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Turntable: Pro-Ject Debut Carbon (DC)
Cartridge: Ortofon 2M
Stylus: Ortofon 2M Bronze
Isolation: Auralex Acoustics ISO-Tone Turntable Isolation Platform
Platter: Pro-Ject Acryl-It platter
Stabilizer: Pro-Ject Record Puck 
Phono Pre-amp:
Bellari VP130 Tube Phono Preamp
Tung-Sol 12AX7ECC803-S Gold Electron Tube
ESI Juli@
Record Cleaning:
VPI HW 16.5 Record Cleaning Machine
Artwork Scans:
Epson Workforce WF-7610 Professional Printer/Scanner

Recording/Editing: Adobe Audition 3.0 (Recording)
Down Sampling: iZotope RX Advanced 2
Artwork Editor: Adobe Photoshop CS5
Click Removal: Manual
FLAC/MP3 Conversion: dBpoweramp
M3U Playlist: Playlist Creator

All vinyl rips are recorded @ 32bit/float
FLAC (Level Eight)
MP3 (320kbps)
Artwork scanned at 600dpi

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Password: burningtheground

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21 Responses to “Duran Duran – Carnival (US 12″ Mini LP)”

  1. OMAR Says:

    Thanks Paul. Preferred the US version.


    DjPaulT Reply:

    You’re welcome Omar 🙂


  2. NKelly Says:

    OMG another DD classic. What a week. Your Duran was always lacking on here. Not anymore – many thanks, Paul


    DjPaulT Reply:

    You’re welcome Neil 🙂


  3. Roy Mahoney Says:

    Orgasmic overload still continuing here… What are you doing to us, you naughty boy!
    Massive thanks and huge hugs heading over your way mister. You are just simply amazing x


    DjPaulT Reply:

    Thanks a million Roy 🙂


  4. Jeff Says:

    This week has been such a special present to all of the Duran (Squared) fans of this world!! And I LOVE READING the kudos and the gratitude of all your readers Paul. It’s love from you and from us. Many, many, many thanks for bringing a lot of their early releases to my ears. You’ve fleshed out a lot of remixes I really didn’t know about. Karen, who is on a business trip right now, is going to be overjoyed. You definitely have the greatest knack in bringing happiness, pleasure and ecstasy into our lives!! You are a Champ and a treasure.




    DjPaulT Reply:

    Thank you Jeff. Please say hello to Karen.

    Hugs 🙂


  5. John Says:

    Love the variations across the globe and the different tracklistings. What I like about your posts is the fine detail from the HQ scans to the quality equipment used to record the sound of vinyl (that we all cherish) onto digital format.
    In the 80’s I spent many a time looking at the artwork of records, and always love the art created for Duran Duran. Assorted iMaGes created many of their earlier records, Patrick Nagel design the famous RIO cover.
    I also loved the Japanese versions with the Obi-stripe and a sheet with lyrics.

    Another great post Paul…..Duran Duran performed one of the Best Bond Themes ever, another artist who also created a wonderful Bond Theme was Chris Cornell, a fantastic musician who wrote and performed magnificent songs for his solo projects and with his band Soundgarden…..R.I.P Chris Cornell.

    Chris and David Arnold wrote and performed “You Know My Name” for the 21st James Bond film Casino Royale.


    DjPaulT Reply:

    R.I.P Chris Cornell


  6. Joey Says:

    This is very cool. I did not know there really was an “album version” of My Own Way until I got Rio on CD in the 90’s. This is such a fun and cool series. Thank you again Paul for presenting this and the story behind the release. You have excellent taste in music.


    DjPaulT Reply:

    Thank you Joey 🙂


  7. Mike C. Says:

    Speechless. Thank you.


  8. negative1 Says:

    great job on covering the various duran duran mixes.

    it’s good to see them getting their due. had these already,
    but i’m sure some people haven’t heard them yet.



  9. jtf Says:

    Loving the Duran Duran!


  10. Tyler Says:

    hey paul i was wondering if you plan on putting the girls on film singles if you got them? That is my favorite single from them & i would love to see that single on here.


  11. Paul Says:

    Very cool – this is the one – thanks


  12. memoryboy Says:

    Paul I can’t take it any more, I think I’m going to faint! This is just too good! I remember looking through your Duran Duran posts last year and thinking that some truly great stuff was missing. Well now you’ve really fixed that right up now didn’t you? This is awesome!

    I had heard of “Carnival” by Duran Duran back int he 80’s, but honestly had no idea what it was, or what was on it. Thank you for introducing this to me over three decades later. I have many of the remixes and “Night Versions” on the singles box set and also the reissued albums, but honestly, the remastering on those were no where as good as your vinyl rips.

    I also get excited when I see single edits or 7″ versions included in these 12″ releases. One of my favorite Duran Duran songs is “Union Of The Snake” as well as “New Moon On Monday”. They really had hit it big back then, they were HUGE. And it seemed there was competition between Duran Duran and Culture Club, as they were both massive hits all across the world in the early 80’s. Such an exciting time.

    Back in the 80’s I liked Duran Duran. But I was ore of a Culture Club fan. But I did have a few Duran Duran cassettes. It wasn’t until recently, back in 2010 that I bought the Duran Duran Singles Box Set and eventually saw the “Plant Earth” video for the first time that I became obsessed with them and ended up buying all their albums. It’s weird how that can happen that way. I also enjoy Duran’s latest and newer stuff. They truly are epic.


  13. Dirk Says:

    That is quite a puzzle to have put together. I really dislike misprints and wrong-naming as it shows disrespect on more than one level of the industry. So thanks for clearing a lot of that up, Paul – besides doing all the work on the music itself!


  14. RollingStoner Says:

    Dude…Now you are just showing off. (But I like it!) I bow to your PhD level of expertise in Duranology. Keep it up…


  15. CL Says:

    🙂 Thanks again!!


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