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Surgery Update

Posted by DjPaulT on January 11th, 2017

Everything went well with surgery yesterday. I am pretty swollen and supposed to rest for the next few days. Stitches will get removed next Monday. Thank you for all the well wishes.


42 Responses to “Surgery Update”

  1. Rafael Cova Says:

    Paul, I hope you get better soon, regards. Rafa


  2. Peter Says:

    Hope everything goes well, take care…


  3. Hugh Says:

    Sending well wishes.


  4. joe Says:

    take your time healing and resting…we ain’t going anywhere…


  5. Cory Says:

    Sending along best wishes to a speedy recovery, my friend!!


  6. Jeff Says:

    Thanks for this update Paul. Yes, you know me, I tend to worry and all but I am so relieved you’re doing well. Please rest and pamper yourself until you feel like your old self again.




  7. Junior Says:

    Thanks for the update Paul. Rest well while you recuperate from your op 🙂


  8. George Price Says:

    Great to hear. Just take whatever time you need to recover.


  9. Jay65 Says:

    Rest well and don’t rush.

    Best wishes


  10. David L Says:

    Glad to hear it!


  11. Christopher Lee Jennings Says:

    Relax and recoup quickly. 🙂


  12. Davos Via 45 Says:

    and don’t 😉 too much!


  13. george Says:

    good to hear it went well handsome


  14. MATT Says:

    Hi Paul. I’m glad all went well. I wish you a quick recovery.


  15. musicdivaSF Says:



  16. pork Says:

    glad to hear it went well today, paul!
    rest those eyes and come back to us as the super human that you are.
    : ]
    thinking of you.


  17. Uwe_B Says:

    Hi Paul
    wishing you a QUICK recovery.

    Thank You for all the great George Michael Music.
    How I love and already miss this Guy.

    Love & Light from Germany – Uwe


  18. Jermajesty Says:

    All the best Paul, take it easy and give yourself time to heal. 🙂


  19. jj from sydney Says:

    Enjoy the painkillers and the chance to relax


  20. ziv Says:

    Good to hear that everything went OK. Take your time healing and resting.


  21. Carl Says:

    So happy to hear all went well, you rest up and take it easy.


  22. John Says:

    I’m Glad everything went ok for you, take it easy Paul.


  23. Dirk Says:

    Best wishes for your health, Paul.
    What music are you playing? Or are you drifting in and out, pressing play randomly?


  24. Ric Says:

    Great to hear. Hang in there Paul.


  25. janick Says:

    hi i hope all is pefect fo you healt and surgery recovery. have great time and relax with your family. best regard janick


  26. Mike Says:

    Take it easy and get well.


  27. Martin Says:

    get well soon!


  28. Fabian Flores Says:

    Paul, the best wishes for your health.


  29. Mark Cunningham Says:

    Great news, Paul! Best wished for a speedy recovery!


  30. NKelly Says:

    Great to hear and good luck with everything!


  31. Silver Blue Says:

    Glad to hear the surgery was a success!!! Take your time healing; best wishes, and look forward to your return.


  32. Marcos Says:

    Glad it went well. Take care, have rest and all is well. My greetings and thanks for your work.


  33. CL Says:

    Get well soon!!


  34. neko011 Says:

    Glad to hear that you are fine!


  35. Michael Says:

    Hi Pal,
    Speedy recovery & Well wishes!
    Thanks for what you do here.


  36. Alberto Says:

    Great news!
    Take care of yourself and receive a big hug from Chile.



  37. manofamillionchords Says:

    Get well soon.


  38. Alen Says:

    Sending love and a hug! Have a speedy recovery!



  39. OMAR Says:

    Wishing you the ultimate best Paul. God Bless!


  40. Mark Z Says:

    All the very best Paul – keeping you in my thoughts and prayers! X


  41. DJ Lollipop / Larry Says:

    Feel better soon buddy! Love and hugz from CA!


  42. jonkofied Says:

    Thaqnks for all the great music you ost on here,
    Get well soon.


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