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George Michael 1963-2016

Posted by DjPaulT on December 25th, 2016


I am so saddened and shocked that we have lost one of the true greats in music history. George Michael was an inspiration to many of us 80s kids that grew up with his music. George also helped us to be who we are. Rest In Peace George Michael.

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  1. Snowy Says:

    Its been a bad year for those leaving too soon…..from start to finish!


  2. kdh Says:

    i am absolutely gutted tonight. RIP, george.


  3. Dhanavarsh Reddy Says:

    Loss of another talented artist. You’ll always be my very favorite artist.RIP George Michael.


  4. gonzalo76 Says:

    I’m still in shock 🙁
    Yes, I grew up with his music.
    I can still remember dancing “One More Try” at the parties, one of the best 80’s love song. Those where the days 🙂
    R.I.P. George Michael


    Davos Via 45 Reply:

    In the late 80s I was DJ-ing in a Disco-Bar, at the end of the evening I would always play a ballad so people knew it was closing time. One evening a few couples started slow-dancin’ on the ballad, I dimmed the lights and played ballad after ballad, it was a nice intimate atmosphere, then I mixed in One More Try and someone shouts out:”Bravo Maestro”! Thank you George, I’ll never forget that moment


  5. Luis Guerra Says:

    Muy triste por su partida. Uno de los mejores. Una de las mejores voces, si no la mejor del pop.


  6. Modernaire Says:

    We were SO LUCKY to have had George sing to us, for us, amongst us as we grew up with his music. Amongst many other stars, George stood out as a man growing, discovering himself, his true self and sung not only his experience, but ours. That’s why I think these wonderful recording and performing artists step into an ethereal realm that’s one part spiritual and another part that makes one feel you have lost a friend, a relative of some cosmic kind. That’s why I feel we feel these losses so deeply. Who is left that sung what we were living? That made it better, gave us hope? Now? Who?

    Strange that I was actually looking for any news on George just yesterday. I felt a concern, a worry, I felt blue… and then today? His ‘Last Christmas? Can’t be. This hit me hard.

    I’ll miss him, and many of his songs now will take on a new and different meaning, we’ll dance, I’ll dance, I’ll sing along as I always have, and then I may breakdown, because his music meant a lot to me and so many others.

    Thank you George.

    And thank you Paul for your tribute and all his vinyl transfers, they also mean a lot as we deal with this loss.


  7. Davos Via 45 Says:

    Just shocking! Pop songwriter extra-ordinaire, sometimes to cheese for me, but his songs have always been around my whole life and will be around forever!


  8. Richard Says:

    It has been such a relentlessly sad year, so many gone, many far too soon.


  9. musicdivaSF Says:

    It’s late here and I’m still in a state of disbelief about the news George Michael’s passing. You are so right with your statement about George’s impact on some of us, especially on who we are now. I think he does, but if not, I hope he knows how much of an impact he has made on all of his fans.

    RIP The Singing Greek. RIP George Michael.


  10. Andrew McMeekin Says:

    Does it matter HOW he died is all I’ve been saying.
    And ‘unfriending’ those who Default is to blab ‘shyte’ about him !
    [OR post THEIR ‘woe’ ?]
    No one deserves to be spoken of like that, no-one at all.
    And to all those evil cunts out there So What ‘if’ it were AIDS or whatever the latest Gossip ‘is’ ?
    You have already seen The Awful COZ I have without trying and it mad me ill.
    Now U know who to delete on Facebook ?
    OH & His Music !
    That is what he will be remembered for.


  11. Lawrence Says:



  12. Dejan Dozic Says:

    2016 – The year of artists deaths.

    A lot of artist died this year, Prince, David Bowie and now George Michael to mention a few of my favorites. It’s been a year of heartbrake for me. They will all be missed. And I hope one day I can meet them in heaven. They all deserve a place in heaven.
    One of my favorite George Michael track is one I actually bought. A rare 8min 45 sec version of “Father Figure”. I have it on a site, but I won’t spam it here.
    Let’s hope 2017 can bring hope, love & happiness back into our hearts & thoughts.
    Wish you all the best of next year 2017. So wish you all and DJ Paul a Happy New 2017.

    Seasons Greetings


    Silver Blue Reply:

    I, too, have an 8:45 version that I love. Whomever made that mix took a labour of love. George will sorely be missed. Such talent, such…. warmth in music.


  13. AnthonyC Says:

    I just can’t believe this! Not George!

    No, no, no!

    I’m devastated…



  14. giorgio-greece Says:

    feel sad!!!!!!!


  15. Martijn van Heeringen Says:

    On your post of Last Christmas I wrote he was so much more than a pretty face – a very talented composer with an equally powerful voice. He was also one of the few, as you call it, trailblazers, like Madonna, who showed the world you can be who you want to be, whether society likes it or not, or whether you are a star or not.
    RIP, George Michael


  16. Song_And_Dance Says:

    One of the absolute, absolute greats. Not only of our time. Awesome composer, awesome producer, awesome singer. And he seemed to be a lovely and lovable person. Oh George, how can you do that to us? You will sorely be missed.


  17. Ralf Says:

    Truly a sad day. George is gone. His music will be forever in my heart


  18. Jeff Says:

    Paul, you were the first person I thought of when I heard this devastating news. Like others, I feel gutted and overwhelmed by sadness. He meant so much to so many of us and I can’t believe he is now gone. Everyone here has written such touching words and I find it all a deep comfort. Even as I type my comment, tears are flowing down my cheeks. Paul, so much gratitude I have for you because you have, more than the labels, have archived so much of his back catalog with beautiful rips that are a testament to George’s talents. Gosh, I loved what Modernaire said earlier. Such a touching eulogy that spoke of my feelings and all of those who Mr. Michael music and image/personality meant the world to.

    Paul, thanks for you and your site. It’s a living and loving tribute to all of those we love and loved.

    Most Humbly,



  19. Jay Says:

    Sad news. He wrote some great songs, and by all accounts was a nice guy too. Sad for his loved ones. R.I.P George.


  20. Junior Says:

    I heard the awful news late last night. His music will live on!

    R.I.P George.


  21. Fried Pickle Says:

    Thanks for the great music George. You were truly amazing !


  22. Pete Says:

    When you grow up listening to someone’s music through all your teen years, losing someone like this makes it a bit sadder :'(


  23. Pete Says:

    His music will never be forgotten. My teen years are full of Wham! and his solo hits. :'(


  24. Uwe_B Says:

    Sad sad sad 🙁

    George Michael was an amazing Singer, Artist and obviously Human
    He provided a lot of Songs to the Soundtrack of my Life.

    I missed out most of the Wham! Times – but LOVE his Solo Works.
    Saw him 2 Times 2011 at his amazing Symphonica.

    Will be missed like Whitney, Donna Summer and others.


  25. janick Says:

    very sad news i so devasted i love george for many years ans the song last christmas now this song are really more sadeness for me rest in peace


  26. Roy Mahoney Says:

    Terrible, terrible news this. He was simply a pure legend and will be so sorely missed. He wrote some awesome unforgettable epics, my absolute favourite being “A Different Corner”. As soon as I heard this gorgeous heartfelt song, I instantly knew without a shadow of a doubt that he was gay. I have played this song (among others of his) a few times today, with tears in my eyes. R.I.P. Michael you beautiful talented man. We so love you… xxx


  27. untchble Says:


    Make sure to listen to his music catalog again as it will remind you of how much talent he had and soulful his voice was. Live long and prosper, GM!


  28. Johan D Says:

    I was just saying to my kids the other day that all the artists from the original Band Aid should get back together and rerecord the song, because now they are all still alive (as far as I knew), so before it’s too late…

    And there we are, 2 days later with both Rick parfitt and George Michael dying… I guess I jinxed it…. Sorry guys…😔


  29. AnthonyC Says:

    I appreciate at this time of year everyone is thinking of Last Christmas, but please remember December Song.

    This is such a beautiful and sophisticated season song, that I really do hope this gets the widespread recognition it deserves.

    I’m going to miss George so very much!



  30. JD zack Says:

    Yes, he had his personal demons, but he sure was a great musical talent. Time for the extended version of “Careless Whisper” in the headphones…


  31. praying for time Says:

    Title Name Mistake

    × 1963-2012

    ○ 1963-2016


  32. Peter Says:

    I’m crying for you,I can’t believe it, but you’ve gone without say goodbye

    RIP, my yog……


  33. David Says:

    Thanks Paul for keeping the music alive, we appreciate it so much another great gone too soon

    As for an 8Minute mix of Father Figure, what is the mix ? I can see a rare special dance 12″ remix on discogs without a timing.


  34. ex15 Says:

    What a sad loss…


  35. GM Fan Says:

    I know this news has nothing to do with music, but Carrie Fisher, my dear “Princess Leia” passed away today. This 2016 is taking all my great memories


  36. Kevin Says:

    Still mourning the loss of George Michael and now Carrie Fisher passes on. Very very sad ending to the year!


  37. Joey Says:

    I am really thankful that George Michael did not just settle for an ordinaty life, and shared his gift with all of us, to brighten lives and provide an escape. He was the bad boy, the artist, the ladies man, the pervert, the gay icon, take your pick, love him or even hate him, but he is and forever will be one of the greats. May his music be sung for generations to come. Rest in peace George Michael. Thank you Paul for sharing so much of his magic over the years….


  38. Chris Says:

    Dear Paul,

    I’d like to send you my sincere regrets since two of your favourite singers (George Michael & Pete Burns) both died this year. I can’t say that they meant as much to me as they meant to you but I can understand the sadness that these passings brought to you. I always feel that such incidents are like another part of the ending of one’s youth.

    As I got the impression that both singers weren’t too happy with their lives as maybe today’s life got too difficult for both of them over the years, I’d like to believe that they both are in a much better place now.

    You did the most honorable thing by NOT spreading private gossip about them but instead focusing solely on their most important virtue which was their music. And you did it with so much effort and love.

    So, as I never thanked you for all your great work here on this site, I’d like to take this opportunity and send you my utmost gratitude for providing us with so much great music and spreading love and enjoyment for everyone that visits this site.

    Thank you very much.

    Chris (from Germany)


  39. Richard John Says:

    Regardless of how the press are portraying him – portly, smack addict, etc. – I will always remember him as a bloody musical genius. He not only wrote most of his own material, he also played the instruments and produced it. Him and Prince are cut from the same cloth.

    George, we were looking forward to news from you – only good news of a new album, not this. R.I.P.


  40. Alberto Says:

    This is so sad. This year will be remembered being the one with most great musicians passing away.

    (…and Cerrie Fisher, too)

    I’m sad. My heart is broken.


  41. AnthonyC Says:

    It’s been a shocking week. A week of sadness and grief.

    George was and is a legend. Times ahead will be tough.

    Today I have been ‘celebrating’ some of the great tracks George collaborated on; The Last Kiss, Nikita, Desafinado, Learn To Say No, Heaven Help Us, Chameleon, Wrap Her Up, Learn To Say No, As, If I Told You That, Blame It On The Sun, Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me and the poignant How Do You Keep The Music Playing… and the mighty Heaven Help Me with Deon Estus.



  42. keeganskylar Says:

    Denver, Colorado- October 13th 1991 McNichols Sports Arena … “ok everyone when George comes into the room and after he speaks to you and moves onto the next person please leave the room” his road manager said making sure everyone knew the rules. Now I only had one singer growing up that I collected every single , vinyl, cassette single , and followed on the charts and that was George Michael.
    As George came into the room I could not believe the only celebrity I ever wanted to meet was actually standing a few feet from me. I was not sure how and why I got so lucky but there he was. As it was George started at the opposite side of the room and one by one everyone left the room until only me , my friend and George (and his manager) where left standing face to face in this big now empty room.
    “Hi George I am in Colorado to study music and you are the only singer I ever wanted to meet !” He laughed a bit and we talked for another 20 min about music and his songs etc. The fact that nobody was left in the room to talk to he didn’t have to be quick and rush the conversation. After a few minutes he whispered something to his road manager who left the room for a quick second only to come back with tour books which George signed and he didn’t do that for anyone else. I was more than speechless.
    After we met George we quickly left for our front row seats and during the concert George smiled and waved at us several times during the show. One amazing man followed by one amazing concert I will never forgot.
    Not everyone gets to meet that “one” childhood idol but I did and I never forgot how nice he was to me and my friend and never ever will.
    Set list
    “Papa Was a Rollin’ Stone”
    “Father Figure”
    “Waiting for That Day”
    “Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now”
    “Living for the City”
    “Hard Day”
    “Calling You”
    “Lady Marmalade”
    “Back to Life”
    “I Believe (When I Fall in Love It Will Be Forever)”
    “Why Did You Do It?”
    “Baby Don’t Change Your Mind”
    “Everything She Wants”
    “Mother’s Pride”
    “What a Fool Believes”
    “Ain’t Nobody”
    “Do That Thing for Me”
    “I’m Your Man”
    “Every Breath You Take”
    “Sign Your Name”
    “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me”
    “I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me)”
    “Careless Whisper”
    “They Won’t Go When I Go”
    “Freedom! ’90”

    Thanks for all the great music George !! and THANKS to DjPaulT for the many years of excellent rips and introducing me to so many singles and mixes I never knew existed. !
    Keeganskylar aka Brent. 🙂


  43. Grandfather Says:

    Cuantos años pueden pasar hasta que sobre el planeta tierra no quede evidencia de alguna canción de George Michael?


  44. Scorpion Says:

    RIP George.

    Thanks from your origin birth-country, Cyprus.
    Thanks for all the great music you have given to us all these years.
    You are a legend for all of us.

    RIP George Kyriacos Panayiotou.


  45. opoder Says:

    Tão jovem. Tão talentoso. Cresci ouvindo suas músicas.


  46. bobbih2 Says:

    I have been a fan of George Michael ever since the 1980’s. It was another great loss in 2016. May he rest in peace!



    great opinion about GM!!!! rest in peace, thks for his great music!!!!!


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