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An Apology…

Posted by DjPaulT on November 6th, 2016

After seeing some of my most loyal readers become disappointed that I made a partisan political post, I decided not to use BTG for a political endorsement. I want to apologize for muddying up this great musical adventure at BTG with any political pressure or tension. I don’t want to lose loyal readers over this election. People have really strong feelings in this election, and I’m no exception. I have a positive view of my preferred candidate, not a fearful one. Perfection is not on the ballot, and it never will be, but I trust my readers to make their own decisions to vote for the candidate who is closest to his or her ideals in character and policy, and then we the people are put to the task of holding them accountable. That is the positive outlook that has been the pride of American democracy throughout our history and in our finest moments. I’m glad we can have a friendly disagreement. Whoever you vote for, get out and vote!


54 Responses to “An Apology…”

  1. George Price Says:

    It got THAT bad in just an hour? WTF,y’all? Paul,you shouldn’t have to apologize for anything!


    DjPaulT Reply:

    I was so enthusiastic about my preferred candidate that I didn’t consider everything. I want BTG to be a getaway from all of that political negativity. Thanks so much for your support George!


    George Price Reply:

    Anytime, Paul. Oh,hey..can I ask if you have – and there’s no hurry, just asking – George Duke’s “Dukey Stick” single? Either 7 or 12 inch?


    DjPaulT Reply:

    I don’t know that one but I will look into it 🙂


    Bellenger1981 Reply:

    BTG is a getaway for many people from not only politics but also everything going on their lives. Thanks for keeping it this way, Paul.


  2. Bellenger1981 Says:

    Thank you for this post, Paul. I think that this is the right approach! Thanks for the apology and keeping the views of all your readers in mind.


    DjPaulT Reply:

    No worries Bellenger1981 thank you for your support and understanding.


  3. Christian Says:

    Did I miss something?


    DjPaulT Reply:

    Yeah I made a political endorsement earlier. But let’s pretend I didn’t lol 🙂


  4. Paul Says:

    You don’t have to apologize for anything, you give a valuable FREE service to people and they complain when you speak your mind? Not cool I say! An apology is in order, not from you.


    DjPaulT Reply:

    Thank you Paul. It’s a relief to have your support. I really don’t need anyone to apologize to me. I am just shaking it off and moving on. Thanks again!


    Paul Reply:

    The good news is that we’re going to win on Tuesday!

    Thanks again for a great blog, I check back every day and you never disappoint.

    Plus you have the BEST name, the best!



    Paulo X Reply:


    You shouldn’t have to apologize for expressing your opinion — political or otherwise — to anybody.


    phil_ Reply:

    I TOTALLY agree with Paul.


    Nathan Reply:

    Can I just agree with the P’s (Paul, Paulo and Phil) here? 😉

    I think it’s cool to speak your mind on your own blog. People can disagree with you, but if that leads to negativity and unfollowing, then what’s the relationship been worth anyway?

    Keep up the good work Paul, we’re all very grateful for what you do and I hope everyone donates at least once in a while.


    DanaDotCom Reply:

    100% agree with your comment Paul! This is PaulT’s site, which offers FREE music that takes HIS time to bring to anyone who wants it. Anyone who doesn’t care to partake for whatever reason can just not partake, simple as that. All membership fees, dues collected, and prices paid for downloaded material are non-refundable. Whine whine whine. We live in a community just waiting to get offended over the tiniest bits simply so we can object to feel more powerful over minute facts. Grow up, people. PaulT, I do understand your point of view, but please, feel free to extoll whatever the fuck you want on your own site. Oh, by the way…THIS SITE IS FREE!


  5. Andrew Says:

    Hey, Paul—
    I agree with the others who contend that you have nothing to apologize for. Anyone who comes here for the great music and service you provide for free should be mature enough to recognize that your political stance may not be in line with their own. If they can’t, that’s not your fault (or your problem); they’re free to take their “business” elsewhere.

    I respect your decision to take the post down, out of a preference for keeping your site free of cranky back-and-forths, etc.; but no apologies are needed from you at all…!

    Thanks again for all your efforts—and for your positive, inclusive approach.


    DjPaulT Reply:

    Thank you Andrew for taking the time to comment 🙂


    Patrick Reply:

    Agreed with Andrew, Paulo X, Paul and George – you have NO reason to apologize. It’s your site…


  6. Rob Folden Says:

    Didn’t see your post, but no worries about offense. This is your site and you are entitled to the expression of your opinions thereon. I would bet our political beliefs are polar opposites. Bet money on it, in fact. This does not, however, preclude me from hearing you out and respecting you as a person.

    Rant on, rock on, dance on!

    No matter, man. We’ll settle it on the dance floor.

    Your friend,


    DjPaulT Reply:

    Amen Rob!


  7. Kevin Says:

    i’m not troubled by a partisan political post..heck i didn’t even see it. i respect your choice to apologize, but regardless of anyone’s opinion, everyone should agree that this is probably one of the most important elections of their lifetime.

    thank you for what you do and for using your constitutional right.


  8. 41PC Says:

    It’s your blog, do as you wish. However, as my grandfather, a small-businessman, once said, never advertise your politics, doing so can only do you harm. Best of luck!


  9. Dan Says:

    Well, I’m from Canada and I’m not voting for anyone but my respect for you has just skyrocketed. The fact that you apologized just to appease some individuals speaks volumes. You are definitely a class act, something very rare in this day and age.


  10. Richard Says:

    Whatever one’s leanings, let’s not be overwhelmed by hate.


  11. Song And Dance Says:

    it makes me sad to see that you feel you have to apologize for giving your opinion.
    This is YOUR SITE and you are entitled to say whatever you like as long as you do not
    insult anyone. And you haven´t so what´s the deal here? Anybody threatening to sue you? 🙂

    I do not really care about anyone´s political leaning here. Voting for the one candidate or
    the other doesn´t alter my view on you. I do not know you, obviously, but you love music
    so you have to be a decent chap haha. Let´s not worry so much about what people expect from
    us or think about us. We can´t and won´t alter that anyway. 50 years from now most of us will
    be dead and all that will have been pointless anyway. So let´s try to lead a decent life
    without hurting the next person.



  12. David Gerard Says:

    We still love you 🙂


  13. RollingStoner Says:

    We got the message.
    I heard it on the airwaves.
    The politicians are now DJs…


  14. gus Says:

    hi Paul

    you don´t have to apologize for express youropinion. This is your site
    Here in Argentina we have the same problem with politicians people are divided in 2 sides while the politicians filed their pockets.

    Cheers from Argentina


  15. Stephen Says:

    Paul, you share you love of music on this site, but that doesn’t mean you can’t share what’s important to you. You should.

    I’ve got a couple of things I’d like to say, having read your original post as well as your apology…

    1. This is a Hate Free Zone. Those who responded negatively to your positive post need an attitude adjustment. Everyone is entitled to an opinion.
    2. I too would prefer to live in a world that accentuates the positives and isn’t about enforcing “my way or the highway”.
    3. Bullies who threaten to remove their support if you don’t agree with them are the foot soldiers of the oppressive regimes that are built on hatred and fear. It’s how tyrants / dictators rise to power. Hitler was elected on a platform of “us versus them” and national pride.

    Please don’t lose your passion. If I was American, I too would be voting Hilary. I would prefer to vote for someone who isn’t entrenched in the establishment, but there is no other option for anyone who wants a progressive nation that rejects negativity and hatred.

    I’ve got no problem if you want to hide this comment (as it’s political, and as you say you’d prefer to have a neutral site that focuses on music), BUT remember, if the bullies try to silence you, then what voices will be heard?

    With love and respect,


  16. DJ U4ic Says:

    I must have missed your post too. Either way, this is your page and you are entitled to your opinion. If people don’t like it, or agree with you, they don’t have to come back to this page. The entire country is split down the middle right now, and everyone has strong feelings for their preferred candidate, or the lesser of two evils, depending on how one feels. Let the hater’s hate and move on. No big deal. Keep up the good work.


  17. Dejan Dozic Says:

    Glad to see that decision from you DJ Paul.


  18. Davos Via 45 Says:

    Dear Paul!
    Instead of standing up for human rights, you remove your own post and apologize to supporters of a racist and hate spreading person, who gives a rats ass for democracy!!!!
    Don’t you get it Paul??? You just gave in to the lynch mob!!! You want people like this on YOUR SITE???? It’s not politics , it’s your everyday life. It’s not a vote for Hillary, it’s a vote against hate and chaos. Since when is music political free? How many protest songs, how many anti-war songs, how many artists engaged in the fight for human rights? What now? You gonna remove your “Artists United Against Apartheid! and “Band Aid” posts? Don’t forget to remove all post by acts and singers which are gay or transvestites , Trumps buddy Putin could be offended with human rights for gays. Just to be sure, also remove all posts from African-American and Latino artist, support for minorities is not allowed in Trumps universe. Leave the posts of Canadian artist, they could became artifacts of a lost civilization, since the 1st thing Trumps gonna do when he gets his hands on nuclear weapons, is to nuke Canada! Why? Why not? That’s Donald!
    If Trump wins, don’t forget to post “The Doors – The End”, because it will be the end of the world…


    Oliver Reply:

    I entirely agree with you. Trump brings ruin on the world.
    We had our dictator in Germany and that was our darkest time.

    Greetings from Bavaria


    DjPaulT Reply:

    I understand your views, and I realize the high emotions in this election, and that is the same with me. When I posted my endorsement, I was expecting the low nasty comments that we’ve seen from much of the Trump constituency, which I could easily deal with. What I was not expecting was the negativity and disappointment that was also coming from my most loyal and reasonable readers. BTG has been about the music. It’s been a getaway from all the negativity. With all due respect, I have spent years of trial and error to get my vinyl transfers to sound the way they do, and I have people who have been reading the blog for years. I don’t want a toxic atmosphere here. You’re right that music is thankfully often very political. What I’m going to do is let the music continue to speak. I, of course, would not post any music that is hateful and divisive. Thanks for your comments.


    Winx Reply:

    Very sad indeed! In just 12 months, Trump and Co have managed to turn this already very divided country into a hateful nation, where people have to truly be afraid to endorse the right candidate. Trump is not racist (?) but he hires one of the leaders of the Alt-Right movement (and Breitbart CEO) as his campaign manager? This isn’t partisan politics. We are currently where Germany found itself in 1933. Don’t forget that Hitler was ELECTED and only 3 months later removed the Reichstag to start his reign in blood and hate!

    To respect your wishes, I will also not endorse one candidate or the other, however:

    1. there is a reason why the entire BUSH family and several other Republican candidates publicly denounce Trump and semi-officially endorse a Democrat (UNPRECEDENTED!)

    2. The good news: after Comey came clean on Sunday, Hillary’s chance of winning increased again to 68%: http://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/2016-election-forecast/
    fpr those, who don’t know who Nate Silver is: He predicted the outcome of 49 states in the last election)

    Music has been the leading force in fighting injustice in the last 100 years!


  19. jj from sydney Says:

    Hey Paul

    Just another who didn’t see the post, and hell, this is your blog … anyway, no apology needed for me. Hope you can keep embracing positivity, bringing us together with great music, and giving us a refuge from all the craziness. And happy voting 🙂


  20. phil Says:

    if trump wins we won’t be having this row in 4 years time, there’ll be no internet, no liberty just fallout


  21. music_fan Says:

    DJ PaulT,

    I think you should post what you want – it’s your website. If people don’t agree with you that’s their right but I don’t think you should be sorry for posting what you believe in.

    My own feeling is whoever wins there won’t be radical change. Donald Trump goes on about the corrupt elite, the corrupt system, but he’s done pretty well out of American corporate capitalism. If the system is so corrupt then he’s not a victim of it. Hillary Clinton is ‘alleged’ to have made millions for herself and Bill from the Clinton foundation. Millions taken from dubious sources such as Saudia Arabia abnd Qatar with bad human rights record.

    I think it’s far healthier to have a slightly cynical view of life than be too optimistic and assume a presidential candidate can be elected and improve the lives of most people. I don’t think life is like that. It’s a romantic idea to vote for someone and believe they can give you hope, better security, wealth etc but life is more about what you can do for yourself, not what others can do for you.

    I’m sure many people of black/Latino origin feel Barack Obama – the first Black president – let them down. The number of race riot during Obama’s time of office would suggest he never got a handle on the problem of racial inequality.

    That’s just one example of putting too much faith/hope in politicians. I’m not saying “don’t vote” – merely saying it’s healthier to assume the person you’re voting for won’t deliver significant change. Perhaps a small amount, but nothing substantial.


    Brett Alan Reply:

    How does the number of race riots during the Obama presidency–which is, of course, zero–say something bad about him?

    As long as I’m responding…I missed the original post, but if I had a blog, damn right I’d be endorsing Hillary Clinton. Every election is important, and I believe that the Democrats’ views on the economy, individual rights, and other issues are much better than those of the Republicans. But this isn’t just a matter of those views; this time we’re faced with a candidate for President with no government experience whatsoever (EVERY President we’ve ever had has been a Vice President, member of Congress, Cabinet member, governor, and/or General), who aligns himself with racists and anti-Semites, who lies incessantly, who committed fraud repeatedly and bribed an Attorney General with an illegal campaign contribution to avoid an investigation, who has repeatedly sexually assaulted women, and who expresses contempt for democracy itself. I’m going to go vote agsinst him in a few minutes. You should, too.

    Thanks Paul for all you do.


  22. Rafael Cova Says:

    Hi Paul, you do not have to apologize for anything, we live in a free world, everyone has the right to express their political preferences.

    Additionally you are the system administrator and owner of the website (BTG) and if people in general liked it very well and if you do not like they have to take a vow of respect, I really never understood why people annoying, we live in a free world.

    Paul hope you have a wonderful day, with freedom of expesión can not Play now, not complacent, just one can say what you mean


  23. dirk Says:

    Ah, you’re human, too.
    Great to keep this site mostly about music and it’s impact(s), though.

    By the way, from a point of view from all the way from The Netherlands, I would say these elections are about anything but substance in the first place. Years talking about hairplugs or distruthfullness instead of the making of plans and discussing their possible effects.

    Anybody remember Cindy Lauper’s hair?


  24. joe Says:

    i don’t think you did anything wrong Paul…it’s just a hot topic…i’m a trump fan…you are a clinton fan…we find faults in both people but we have to elect one of them to ruin our country even more…the way i look at it, there are more of us then there are them but they have all the money and power…don’t believe for a sec any of them care about the little guy…


  25. Jeff Says:

    Dearest Paul,

    Please don’t feel you have to apologize for anything. I know you feel passionately about things and you wanted to share your feelings with us. Like Dan said above, you are a class act all the way as you’re always concerned for people’s feelings and everything good in this world. Thank you for ALWAYS being a beacon of light through dark times Paul. It is indeed a sanctuary here and you are like an Angel and serene like a prayer.

    Love, hugs and friendship,



  26. RTinChicago Says:


    I have incredible respect for you (as a person) and agree with many of the above supporting statemets. You provide a great service to everyone and I dont think you overstepped your boundaries with your endorsement. Freedom of speech is a right that we all reserve. You excercised this right, and any backlash should have been reserved between the conscious of the person who disagreed with you and their love of your blog. Any person could easily stop visiting your website and not enjoy the music you post if they are that offended. It is similiar to being able to turn the TV channel if there is something vitriolic being expressed. If you were to have written something hateful I would have expected an apology, but this was far from anything subversive or malicious. I cheer that you have an opinion when so many dont have one or opt not to voice theirs.

    Please continue to fill our days with wonderful music and also remember that it is YOUR playground. We are just visitors here.

    Hugs to you,


  27. sct Says:

    To add to Jeff’s comment, your considered political views however passionate and whether people choose to agree with them or no are your own Paul. It’s part of who you are.

    So is that amazing skill you have for digging out forgotten vinyl and presenting high quality rips of it. That I think we can all agree is something to cherish, no matter how any of us might personally feel about your views. 😉


  28. Maurizio Says:

    Dearest Paul, first of all i want to thank you for this precious blog, i love 80’s music and you are the godfather, more important and dangerous is this hateful atmosphere that i compare at the italian poisoned climate in the 10 years of Berluscfuck kingdom! THIS IS YOUR BLOG and YOU’RE FREE TO SAY YOUR OPINION!!! Thanks again for this oasis of good (and rare) music, i’m sure Hillary will win, then down with all the fascist! Maurizio Italy


  29. Ian Says:

    Music and politics can never be completely separated and popular music tends towards left wing sentimentalities.

    Such a shame then that your country did not have the vision to back Bernie Sanders. Then this contest would not have become just about who you dislike the least. Lets just hope common sense prevails and the american people make the right choice from the two less than perfect possible winners.

    What the US needs is the same as we need in the UK. A credible 3rd voice. Two party politics is not real democracy.

    Anyway, Paul, it’s your blog and you should feel able to express your opinions upon it…within the confines of the law of course! Check out Rho-Xs. He starts his posts with his own wise words on whatever is happening in the world. I may or may not read them. I may or may agree with them if I do. I just enjoy him sharing his musical passions some of which are new to me.

    Umm, sounds a bit like another favourite web blog of mine!


  30. AnthonyC Says:

    Hi Paul

    You certainly have nothing to apologise for – after all, music has always been a platform for artists to promote their own political and commercial agendas. In most cases this is good as the establishment needs to be challenged.

    As an outsider to the USA election, I have been saddened by the bias towards personality and a lack of bias towards social values.

    When the cult of celebrity smokescreens the real issues effecting the running of a country you know you are in serious trouble.



  31. Dirk Says:

    Maybe you could apologize for holding back on Grace Jones-vinyls.
    Just kidding.


  32. Shelf Says:

    Make no apologies, Paul – you are entitled to speak your mind and express your opinions, especially on your own blog.

    Of course, not everyone will agree with you, but spirited discourse is perfectly acceptable, as long as it doesn’t cross the line. Never acquiesce to placate a minority of dissenters.

    The five freedoms of the First Amendment are what separate the US from dictatorships throughout the world (well, at least for the time being).

    But now that the united idiots of America have elected the Antichrist to the highest office in the country, take nothing for granted.

    Your blog brings great happiness to many people throughout the world. Little things like that will be needed to endure the next four years (and hopefully no more than that).

    You’re a kind and generous man, Paul. Thank you for sharing your music and perspectives.


  33. Hugh Hall Says:


    I’m a UK visitor and didn’t see the post but believe you shouldn’t have removed it and you shouldn’t apologise. Life is politics. Most of your music wouldn’t even have been made without brave people standing up for what they felt was right, regardless of the odds against them.

    Keyboard warriors are ten a penny and to be fair, if they don’t like your politics then **** ’em. Your site, your rules. Now the wrong side have won on both sides of the Atlantic the time has come for people to stand up and be counted because the only way forward is for people to be convinced of the arguments.

    Your site is the best on the internet and your input is greatly appreciated by many.



  34. xrey® Says:

    “We don’t need this facist groove thang”.

    Now back to the music, already in progress…..


  35. Ryan Arnold Says:

    You’re telling me that there are people who read Burning the Ground who don’t support Hillary? It is hard to imagine republicans listening to all these gay anthems and dance music. But I guess that is the case. Weird.


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