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Red Flag – Russian Radio (US 12″)

Posted by DjPaulT on October 6th, 2016



“Russian Radio” is a song by the American synthpop band Red Flag. It was released as a single in 1988. The song charted highly on the US Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart, peaking at #11. Released at the time of seminal new wave/synthpop group Depeche Mode’s greatest success, it drew comparisons as being stylistically similar to that group’s recordings, featuring extensive use of synthesizers and dance beats, and vocals that were generally deep and gloomy in mood. “Russian Radio” was taken from the band’s debut album Naive Art.

Russian Radio (Razormaid Club Mix) 6:13
Remix – Joseph Watt, Razormaid

Russian Radio (Fresh Club Mix) 3:41
Remix – Joseph Watt, Razormaid

Russian Radio (12″ Dub Mix) 6:44
Edited By – Art Maharg
Remix – Joseph Watt, Razormaid

Russian Radio (Glasnost Club Mix) 7:28
Remix – Paul Robb

Russian Radio (Tremont And Webster Mix) 4:40
Remix –Paul Robb

Russian Radio (Radio Moscow Edit) 3:43
Remix – Paul Robb

Vinyl: Near Mint
Sleeve: Near Mint


Year Single Chart Position
1989 Russian Radio U.S. Billboard Hot Dance Music/Club Play #11


Label: Enigma Records (3) ‎– 7 75519-0
Format: Vinyl, 12″, 33 ⅓ RPM
Country: US
Released: 1989
Genre: Electronic
Style: Electro, Synth-pop

Producer – Jon St. James
Producer [Additional Post Production] – Paul Robb
Written-By – Reynolds*, Reynolds*

Original version appears on the LP “NAIVE ART”

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Turntable: Pro-Ject Debut Carbon (DC)
Cartridge: Ortofon 2M
Stylus: Ortofon OM Stylus 30
Platter: Pro-Ject Acryl-It platter
Stabilizer: Pro-Ject Record Puck 
Phono Pre-amp:
Bellari VP130 Tube Phono Preamp
Tung-Sol 12AX7ECC803-S Gold Electron Tube
ESI Juli@
Record Cleaning:
VPI HW 16.5 Record Cleaning Machine
Artwork Scans:
Brother MFC-6490CW Professional Series Scanner

Recording/Editing: Adobe Audition 3.0 (Recording)
Down Sampling: iZotope RX Advanced 2
Artwork Editor: Adobe Photoshop CS5
Click Removal: Manual
FLAC/MP3 Conversion: dBpoweramp
M3U Playlist: Playlist Creator

All vinyl rips are recorded @ 32bit/float
FLAC (Level Eight)
MP3 (320kbps)
Artwork scanned at 600dpi

Username: btg
Password: burningtheground

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14 Responses to “Red Flag – Russian Radio (US 12″)”

  1. OMAR Says:

    Thanks Paul.


    DjPaulT Reply:

    You’re welcome Omar.


  2. Jeff Says:

    Again Paul, I really can’t begin to tell you how much you do in fact touch me; my soul, my heart….my entire being. Words really fall short each and every time. I wish my thoughts could be expressed sort of like the music itself and all. So many occasions with what you post, moves me, so much so, that it could almost come down to tears being shed. Again, words fall short to the gifts you bestow.

    I love this band so very much. I was introduced to them via Razormaid! and adored their album from which this was culled. Joseph and Art really did a phenomenal job mastering the CD and it still sounds fresh to this day. Depeche Mode and other Synth bands were on my radar back during this time. So much so, that I have nothing but fond memories from this time period. I never got the 12-inch with the other mixes, so again, MAJOR THANKS and KUDOS for this Paul!! I LOVE the fact that Paul Robb did the other mixes. Like this band, I DROOL over Information Society of which Mr. Robb was from. This is indeed excellent music Paul. Whoa, I have goose flesh and I haven’t even yet downloaded and listened to the thing. WOW!!

    And you know what Paul, I think what I so love about your postings is that there is so much care spent on extracting only the best sonics from the vinyl. Hearing not just this single, but all of your postings makes me think…wait…..KNOW!! That I’m hearing the records the way they are supposed to be intended. It’s like they’re brand new and the record labels and their artists wants the consumer to hear the musical vision proper. This rarely happens these day with reissues and/or compilations. The care that you do is nothing short of miraculous, like a surgeon doing a DNA splicing experiment. You are like blessed hardware yourself with the ultimate heart “software” giving us the emotion and the passion. Gosh, you are bliss DjPaulT. Thank you for giving us all the opportunity to relish in the glow you provide and for giving us so many gifts. I know others feel the same. You just are a celebration, a universe of splendor. I am so lucky to have discovered you and Burning The Ground and the generosities that you lavish on us.

    Cheers with heartfelt Gratitude and Humility!!!



    DjPaulT Reply:

    Thank you, thank you Jeff for all of the praise that you give everyday I really appreciate it so much. This has always been one of my very favorite singles. I had to really hunt for this particular 12″ back in the day because the most common one to find only had three tracks and of course I wanted all of the mixes and the Razormaid one’s were exclusive to this one at the time some of them may still be. I was so into Depeche Mode’s “Music For The Masses” and “Violator” at the time and this band fit right in. Hope all of my readers maybe outside of the US will give this one a listen.


  3. Junior Says:

    This looks a very interesting record. Can’t wait to hear it!

    Thanks Paul 🙂


    DjPaulT Reply:

    If you like Depeche Mode Violator era you will love this one Junior. Please let me know what you think 🙂


    Junior Reply:

    Wow Paul!

    For a moment there I thought it was Depeche Mode. I am aware of the “Violator” era too and I certainly hear that influence.

    I’m glad I stumbled across this group on BTG 🙂


  4. Jose Jorquera Says:

    Please….please T.K.A. – You Are The One


  5. Mike C. Says:

    DjPaulT: Thank you so much. You just brought me back to New Wave night at Masquerade Atlanta, GA circa late 90’s. I turned 40 last year and have been feeling rather old. Today you made me feel like I was 21 again. Totally forgot about this one.


    Mike C.


  6. Conner Says:

    YES! Yes, yes, yes, yes, YES! I’ve been on the hunt for the cd single and this will do perfectly. I love this song and album. Thank you!


  7. Joey Says:

    These guys along with Cetu Javu, Camouflage, and Cause & Effect really had that mid 80’s Depeche sound… I remember hearing this one on the radio and doing a double take first thinking it was a Depeche Mode song I hadn’t heard. Thanks Paul.


  8. negative1 Says:

    there were several singles from this album.
    this was one of the better songs.

    they also had a remix cd of the album tracks, called naive dance.

    paul you need to update your description.

    this band has been around 1989 and releasing albums until 2012,
    so they have about 15 or more releases.

    not sure why you thought they only had one album.



  9. Daniel Says:

    Wow Paul, thank you for this fantastic post. Didn’t know about this band until today. This song makes me think of Depeche Mode’s “Enjoy the silence” which belongs to my very favorites. The remixes also sound great. Thanks also for posting these rather unknown bands that make Burning The Ground to be so fantastic.


  10. Nicholas DL Says:

    Red Flag were brothers Chris and Mark Reynolds, who in 1988 sounded more like “Voices & Images” era Camouflage of the same year rather than Depeche Mode. Joseph Watt and Art Maharg of Razormaid! worked with them into the excellent 1992 “Machines” single. The release you have posted also involved Paul Robb of Information Society (a band still releasing underappreciated music). Unfortunately few knew of Mark Reynolds’ battles with depression which ended in 2003. Since 2007, his brother has continued the Red Flag effort. Listen to “Machines” or “The Game” on YouTube; both were part of the MegaBlack Box Set.


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