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Pete Burns 1959-2016

Posted by DjPaulT on October 24th, 2016


It is with great sadness that I have learned that Pete Burns of (Dead Or Alive) passed away yesterday of a massive cardiac arrest at age 57. Pete and his music have been such a big part of my life and the culture of 80s music. He was a special star and a true visionary. He will be missed so very much. Rest in peace dear Pete.


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  1. Christian Says:

    Just learnt of his death some minutes ago from VISAGE’s facebook account.
    D.O.A. R.I.P.!


    Christian Reply:

    Strange coincidence that we’ll see the release of the DEAD OR ALIVE box set this week …


    Andrew Cambalik Reply:

    Yes. I find it very strange indeed.


    Jon Reply:

    Maybe Pete knew the end was coming. Some people do get a certain feeling when the end is near. As I nurse I have had seemingly healthy people tell me they are gonna die in a week and then they do.


  2. Jermajesty Says:

    Sad, sad news. 🙁 Such a one off, entertaining in every way. RIP Pete. xx


  3. Clive Says:

    Very sad new RIP Pete Burns


  4. OMAR Says:

    Shocking! I cannot believe it. Here we were all planning the arrival for the DOA boxset and now this!!


    Jon Reply:

    Sadly the boxset is supposed to be a limited edition and I would grab one now before scalpers charge over 500 dollars for a copy.


    OMAR Reply:

    I just did. On AmazonUk it’s the best price if you live in the US because you get a tax refund. I think i may have grabbed the last the bunch, because now the cd/dvd set is sold out! My total came to $120 approx.


    Dirk Reply:

    Limited edition ? Tax refund? Someone died. Weird world we live in.


  5. Jonathan Bremmer Says:

    I am very saddened by this. He was an inspiration and a very talented artist. You Spin me Round, was easily on the the greatest dance tracks in history! (…and will forever be to this day!)


  6. Roy Mahoney Says:

    Very sad to hear of Pete’s departure. DOA certainly help to define the music of the eighties with “You Spin me Round” heralding the start of the Stock, Aitken and Waterman (PWL) collaboration. RIP you very talented man.


  7. Patric Says:

    Sad News – always loved his attitude.


  8. Phil N Says:

    Such sad news, a great talent and a unique man.

    RIP Pete xxx


  9. George Price Says:

    Can we safely say that 2016 has absolutely s u c k e d for music fans?


    emodleo Reply:

    Yes! RIP Pete


    emodleo Reply:

    Sorry pressed the wrong button too early.
    Once again this year i was made aware of a death by the gasp and the “Oh no” from my partner as she finds yet another death via Twitter. I now automatically tense up when i hear, gasp, oh no, sort of a pavlov’s dog thing going off.


  10. Antoine Says:

    So sad… so sad…


  11. musicman Says:

    im very sad for this terible news for pete burns died and now the box set for dead or alive for this friday is make me happy but very sad at the same time star is born in 1959 and now star sine in the sky i love you for the music the man for great talent rest in peace.


  12. John Says:

    R.I.P Pete Burns

    I remember when he was on the UK’s Celebrity Big Brother’s “bit on the side” just this February this year.
    So many talented people have gone this year!


  13. julio Says:

    so sad news Paul. We’ll miss so much 🙁


  14. Sebastian Says:

    Sad news, as I-ve heard about Brian May’s illness.
    There are no good times for pop and rock music. 🙁


  15. DJ Jeff Says:

    I was surprised and saddened. We’re the same age and when Dead or Alive first came on the US dance music scene it was a breath of fresh air.


  16. Dan Says:

    Wow, the showbiz Grim Reaper has been particularly active this year. So sad that Pete Burns has now been taken from us. The forthcoming box set, although not intended as such, will hopefully prove to be a fitting tribute and epitaph to a unique character in pop music.


  17. 80spornstar Says:

    Oh, gosh… what a year. RIP PB.


  18. DJ Mr.Tim Says:

    When I heard the news I immediately thought of you and my ex. Such a shock. Thanks for all DOA and Pete Burns you have shared over the years. Big Daddy Of The Rhythm is in Heaven.


  19. cdmaniac Says:

    Such a great shock!!!
    Thank You For The Music, Pete!


  20. Jim Says:

    Got home late today and saw the news in my email update for the blog. Took my breath away for a moment. Just yesterday was looking at the big box and thinking how much really great music Pete created. DOA was there at the start of my DJ life in 1985, and was one of the few groups that stayed with me into the present. The voice was one of a kind, and he knew how to put on a show, a true performer. Will be greatly missed.


  21. Gilbert Gonzales Says:

    Totally in shock here. Was just arriving from work. Deeply sadden. There will never be another one. I hope he finally found the peace he has been seeking! Truly a special star!


  22. Franck Says:

    Can’t stop crying since yesterday. A Big part of me has gone


  23. Stephen Says:

    Terrible news.

    Pete came into my life as my love affair with music was peaking. I’d been smitten for over a year with Prince thanks to Purple Rain and was still coming to grips with the new romantics storming out of the UK when You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) exploded into my life. It was THE song of 1985. And growing up in a small town where they played both kinds of music (country AND western), to blare out the jangly electro beats of Dead or Alive was like a shining beacon saying “Come on people, I don’t mind, bash me senseless – I’m obviously not one of you”. It made me feel alive, and it made me happy. Deliriously happy.

    I got YouthQuake and back-ordered Sophisticated Boom Boom. Something In My House is playing via my iTunes as I write this. I’m singing at the top of my voice. It’s cheesy and dancey and hilarious and brilliant. What a voice.

    Pete Burns was like Boy George to the nth degree – he was louder, brasher and utterly, utterly insane. He made fun dance music that electrified my teenage years.

    Vale Pete “I don’t give a fuck” Burns.

    All I know is that to me
    You look like you’re having fun
    Open up your lovin’ arms
    Watch out here I come!

    I think I might bring out the vinyls later and give them a spin


  24. Joey Says:

    Wow, wow….what an unexpected shame! A truly unique individual. It is a pity he didn’t d not get to enjoy the career resurgance that would have inevitably followed the release of the forthcoming boxed set. So many greats lost this year. RIP Pete Burns.


  25. Richard the Big Bunny Says:

    There will never be another like Pete Burns.

    Pete didn’t just break the mould — he shattered reality, pissed on expectations, blazed his own trail and created music that endures and imagery that continues to inspire.

    Style icon. True artist. Scary bitch. Legend. Freak. Not just a celebrity but a special STAR.

    And he was a glorious vocalist!

    When I was growing up and dreaming of being a pop star, my wish was that I might learn to sing like Pete Burns (and look like Terence Trent D’Arby — but never mind that!).

    I am so very devastated.

    The hits, the flops, the glorious album tracks — go explore & enjoy Dead Or Alive’s stunning back catalogue! Start in the middle with Mad, Bad, and Dangerous to Know — that album is *everything* — its importance to me cannot be overstated.


  26. musicdivaSF Says:

    I saw the news of his death this morning and was just in total shock as you and everyone on here. Pete Burns aka Dead or Alive has been influential in my music taste and I want to echo the same sentiments, that DoA’s music was definitely a shining beacon growing in a country that thought that being different is something to be ashamed about.

    Pete Burns, unrestrained and unapologetic. May you rest in peace and keep spinning them round like a record.


  27. Song And Dance Says:

    Whaaaaaat?! Oh no. Just learned of his death this minute when I opened BTG (at 7.38 am local time).

    A massive loss for all music lovers. Petey, we will always cherish you and your fabulous music. One of a kind 🙁


  28. AnthonyC Says:

    Such a shock and such terrible news.

    He was certainly a unique figure which will make him very much missed.

    I’m glad he was able to put together his mammoth 17 disc box set will will serve as his legacy.

    I may not have been a fan but I certainly respected him for his talent and creativity.

    RIP 🙁


  29. freakq Says:

    so so sad
    Pete we’ll miss yo!!!

    surely the Freak Unique



  30. Jeff Says:

    Try as I might, I still can’t get my head around the passing of Pete Burns. I keep thinking of you Paul because I know he was an important person and artist in your life. I am really devastated over the loss of Pete also. It’s also because, with the Dead Or Alive box set coming out, I was hoping that it would be the springboard for Pete to revitalize his career as a musician and work on new music. He and the band were much more than “You Spin Me Round” and I always heralded Pete and that mighty, mighty voice of his. Words can’t express the loss we all feel over the passing of this deeply loved Icon. Thank you Paul for all of your Dead Or Alive posts over the years. It’s a precious testament to your love, adoration and the musical prowess of Pete Burns.



  31. Jeffrey Thames [King of Grief] Says:

    Thank you, Paul, not only for this tribute but for sharing the rarer corners of Pete’s legacy all these years. If you’re able to listen, I’ll be devoting the first hour of my monthly Classic Club Special to Pete, mostly Dead or Alive of course but I do plan to work in a Nightmares in Wax nugget. As a good deal of the source material was made possible by BTG, I felt it only fair to give you a heads-up. (You’ll also get a shout during the broadcast…if this volunteer DJ can’t afford to donate right now, he can at least give you a signal boost.)

    You can stream the special live at 1 PM Central this afternoon at http://kpft.org/listen. If you can’t tune in, I’ll have it uploaded either tonight or tomorrow evening at http://mixcloud.com/soundawakeradio (where you can also stream my Youthquake 30th-anniversary tribute from last year).

    Again, thanks for everything. Long live Pete.




  32. SimonP Says:

    One of Pete’s last interviews has just just been published on another site/blog I frequent. You can find it at: http://www.superdeluxeedition.com/interview/pete-burns-tribute-the-last-interview/


  33. John Says:

    I thought you might want to see this Paul:

    John Taylor (Duran Duran) Talks About Dead Or Alive


  34. Shaun007 Says:

    Goodbye Pete 🙁


  35. risildowgtn Says:

    so gutted …..


  36. Alberto Says:

    I was doing a small peek at my FB page when I realised this sad new on cEvin Key’s page last Sunday. He was a musical hero, a very talented man. Rest In Peace, dear Pete. We love you and your musical heritage. You’ll be in our hearts forever.


  37. Hernan Says:

    so so sad news, rest in peace beloved Pete, DOA fan forever


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