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Prince 1958-2016

Posted by DjPaulT on April 21st, 2016

We are grieving once again the loss of a superstar. Prince, legendary music artist whose influence spanned 4 decades, has died at age 57.

The singer, songwriter, arranger and instrumentalist broke through in the late 1970s with the hits “Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad?” and “I Wanna Be Your Lover,” and soared over the following decade with such albums as “1999” and “Purple Rain.” The title song from “1999” includes one of the most widely quoted refrains of popular culture: “Tonight I’m gonna party like it’s 1999.”

He’s sold more than 100 million records and is on Rolling Stone’s list of 100 greatest artists.

Rest In Peace, Prince Rogers Nelson (June 7, 1958 – April 21, 2016)

20 Responses to “Prince 1958-2016”

  1. Stefano Says:

    What a year this has been so far. Enjoy every day, it can be over in a second. Gosh.
    And we were looking forward to his new marriage with Warner. Hopefully they will be releasing much much Prince and dig deep in their vaults.
    Very sad day…


    Song_And_Dance Reply:

    Well spoken, dear friend.
    The day before yesterday a colleague of mine just died. His heart just stopped. With 49 years of age! Unbelievable. Married with two children. It´s a true story, and I´m getting goosebumps while writing this.
    Live life to the full. Live each day as if it was your last. It may be!

    All the best to all of you,
    Kay (Mr)


  2. Jeff Says:

    Oh Paul, thank you for paying tribute to Prince on your page. I was deeply saddened and depressed when I heard the news around this afternoon. Prince really meant a lot in so many ways. I was very lucky to see him once and his concert was supreme. And what a back catalog of songs!! I was first introduced to him by his “I Wanna Be Your Lover and then his “Sexy Dancer.” I loved his “Dirty Mind” album and “Controversy” too. And then he exploded with the album “1999” and it was world domination after that. Such a devastating loss in every way. I could almost cry because he really had an impact on me. He could do R&B, Funk and Rock like nobody’s business. I kept on thinking of the “Party Man” single you posted for us with its incredible groove and sound. Oh Paul, every post you do for artists is a tribute to their talent and yours. You are quite precious to me and those who you’ve touched in this world and Cyberspace. Thank you for all the love you generate.



  3. Rafael Cova Says:

    Very sad day, the greatest of all artists, the most wonderful, meticulous, the most devoted has gone.

    Across the time, you will always carry in my mind and in my heart, total and absolute thanks to the greatest PRINCE for giving me so pleasant and funny moments with his music.


    1958 · 2016


  4. Phil N Says:

    Devastated at this news, a true genius and my idol.

    I cannot express enough how sad I am 🙁

    Thank you for your tribute Paul x


  5. Syl Says:

    Why!!!!!! I so sad.
    Please upload the maxi version – 1999.


  6. Jay65 Says:

    So very sad. God bless and keep you Prince.


  7. woz Says:

    I still remember so many of the first times I heard his songs or watched his videos or saw him live. His music means a great deal to me and I will be forever grateful that he shared his heart and soul with us.


  8. risildowgtn Says:

    am so guttered


  9. Will McCammon Says:

    Sad, sad day. First Bowie and now Prince.

    Soooo many of his tracks were on my turntables during my club dj days. “Erotic City” was played nightly, for sure – wore out 2 copies.


  10. MusicMan3 Says:

    Devastating. Thanks for paying tribute.


  11. OMAR Says:

    Utter derailment. First Bowie and now Prince. Two of the most iconic faces of popular music gone within months of each other. I Wish U Heaven Prince !


  12. Davos Via 45 Says:

    I just fuckin’ can’t believe it! Just as Bowies, so was Princes music around my whole life…So many awesome songs, while DJ-ing there wasn’t a night without his songs!

    “My name is Prince and I am Funky, My name is Prince the One and Only”


  13. Richard Says:

    Such a major downer of a year.

    Just out of the blue, and he’s been playing his solo piano tour this year. So many more years of performing and music we should have had from him.


  14. Modernaire Says:

    Thank you Paul for the tribute. Prince was literally a way of life, a philosophy, a standard upon where to reach, he was magical even when moving fingers over a microphone, the splits will never be done like him, he was many things.

    I, was completely a mess over this. I couldn’t believe it, its a nightmare and I’m still confused, Prince respected life, he was into healthy living, what happened? Who failed him? Why?

    Anyway, my only advise to others is to dig deeper, there are gems in Prince’s catalog, especially his WB era. And there will be some amazing stuff coming soon.


  15. Jermajesty Says:

    Very very sad. Such amazing talent in every aspect of music.

    I don’t think we’ll ever see another artist achieve what he did, no-one’s even come close in the last 30 years.



  16. AnthonyC Says:

    Shocked. Numb. Devastated. He’s gone. Words I never thought I’d ever write. It wasn’t his time to go.

    I’ve been a huge fan for 34 years. That’s a massive chunk of my life. Music touches us so much and we take it with us everywhere we go. Those who create the music are an important part of our lives, just like family. I felt Prince was like family. He was always there and always dependable. During the highs and lows of life his music has always been there to offer support.

    I am proud to say I had the opportunity to meet Prince a couple of times when I worked in the music industry. I’ve met many celebrities and I’ve never been particularly bothered. But when I met Prince for the first time I was star struck. I felt I was in the presence of someone very special. I will never forget that feeling. On that first meeting I was so surprised how small he was. I am not just suggesting small, but really small! But his music and performances made him a giant. On one funny occasion Prince signed a CD for me with the name Tora Tora – this was a name he used while performing with the NPG during the legal dispute with Warners. On this sad day this makes me smile… a little.

    We have the memories, we have the music.

    There are no other words… I’m going to miss him so much.



  17. Grant Says:

    Well said. This one hits hard… I absolutely grew up on his music, and I enjoyed what he was doing right up until the present day. An absolute musical genius.


  18. George Price Says:

    My thoughts,as postedon my Facebook page:
    Prince,may you rest in eternal Purple peace. From “For You” in 1978 until your most recent work,every note you played was done so with a love of music,wether or not people always understood what you did. My heartfelt condolences to Prince’s friends,remaining family,and bandmates past and present.


  19. Dirk Says:

    If I Was Your Girlfriend..
    So glad that was a hit when I was growing up.
    Some say for obvious reasons, but with Prince-fans,
    one did never really know.


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