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David Bowie 1947-2016

Posted by DjPaulT on January 11th, 2016


We have lost one of the most prolific and legendary artists in the history of popular music. RIP David Bowie 1947-2016


24 Responses to “David Bowie 1947-2016”

  1. Stefano Says:

    Real shock this morning. Didn’t know he suffered from cancer all this time. Big loss.


  2. Michael Says:

    was totally shocked when i heard the news. what a sad day…


  3. Patric Says:

    this year start’s not good 🙁 i was totally unaware of this. First i thought it was a hoax,but it wasn’t. Goodbye Spaceboy


  4. OMAR Says:

    The music landscape has collapsed. Mr. Bowie’s creative energy was undeniable through the decades.


  5. bobbih2 Says:

    Thanks for your tribute to The Thin White Duke! He was and will always be a great influence on music! R.I.P. David Bowie. ]:


  6. Roy Mahoney Says:

    “Look up here, I’m in Heaven”, is the first line from his new song “Lazarus”. Hearing that kind of sends shivers down my spine.
    Anyway R.I.P. David, you beautiful and talented man.


  7. Jeff Says:

    I knew you would mention David Bowie on your site. I am quite devastated over this loss. His music and film will live on, thankfully!



  8. Jermajesty Says:

    Quite a shock to wake up to this sad news morning.

    Had had a bit of a Bowie weekend too, listening to the new album and discussing it with friends, so it all seemed even more unreal that the next day – gone. 🙁



  9. Junior Says:

    His music will live on. May his soul rest in peace 🙁


  10. Walt Says:

    Thank you Paul for this. Talk is cheap. The Dame will live on through his art.


  11. David Says:

    It’s hard to imagine what the state of the music industry would be without David Bowie’s nearly universal influence over the artists from the 80s, 90s and today. We would not have had the New Romantics that gave birth to the New Wave / MTV generation had it not been for his early successes on the BBC capturing the imaginations of Boy George, Pete Burns, Duran Duran, Spandau Ballet, and many others. We would not have Madonna; her initial strategies were successful because they had been proven already by Bowie. Would we have had Prince? Grunge? Heavy Metal? Lady Gaga? We owe you so MUCH, Ziggy, and we hardly knew ye. Thank you for being so much more than we deserve. Thank you for being so gracious. Thank you for being able to say goodbye via “Blackstar”. Thank you for being. The stars look very different today.


    MillCity9 Reply:

    Well said!


  12. Joey Says:

    David Bowie changed the landscape of popular music. It is highly doubtful that a lot of the music listened to here would exist in the state it is in or even at all had his influence not been present. He is a legend and was a rare thing, a true genius.


  13. Amaury Says:

    Probably the greatest loss in music this century. RIP, Master!


  14. Richar Says:

    David was nothing less than an intense concentration of creative and artistic energy. And the source of inspiration for so many others who tried to follow in his footsteps. His life and artistry should be a core subject in any art school.


  15. NKelly Says:

    Was a great shock to us all of course. Was expecting a DB post today. I’m almost certain you will have one tomorrow.


  16. pauleky Says:



  17. LuisQ Says:

    Mi banda sonora personal esta plagada de canciones de David Bowie, un genio a emprendido el viaje a juntarse con John Lennon, Freddie Mercury y compañia…..Buen Viaje David.


  18. Davos Via 45 Says:

    TV was on but muted, when I saw Bowies picture on the news…No it can’t be! Sadly it was. Despite all the wars around the world and climate disasters, first announcement on the evening news, David Bowie has passed away! What an artist, so many different directions but always on the forefront of things to come, it was always something interesting he did, not only in music, and always so cool and so stylish. So many various great songs of his can be heard everyday on the radio, for decades I found myself surprised finding out:”Oh that’s also a David Bowie song! Still remember seeing the video for Ashes To Ashes for the 1st time or waiting in cue on the street in front of a record shop, while everybody getting out of the shop had Bowies Let’s Dance LP in their hands! No we didn’t loose him he’ll always be with as thru his music, movies, style and special unique personality that he is!


  19. Henk Heijden Says:

    He will live on!!!
    Goodbye hero



  20. Richard Says:

    Hearing about his passing on Monday morning was like a knife in my heart. The world needs David Bowie!


  21. PeterF Says:

    Had lunch with a friend Monday and he mentioned his cat, Ziggy (pretty much all he knows about Bowie). After he left, I went online to check the news… like a punch in the stomach. Sat there stunned, reading the articles, speaking briefly with two English women sitting at the next table. Haven’t been this affected by a musician’s death since Lennon’s murder. Yes, Bowie lives on in his music, movies, etc., but for his wife, son, daughter, friends, this is a huge personal loss. Thanks for noting Bowie’s passing (and for Let’s Dance; don’t know if you have others you haven’t posted, but if so, please do).


  22. dst Says:

    he will be a great loss, one of my personal fav’s
    thought the man was a genius….r.i.p

    dudes if ya get a chance listen to this great great remix
    david bowie – starman (metrophonic mix) !! (wow)


  23. Peter Says:

    God bless you~~~~


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