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Posted by DjPaulT on November 13th, 2015



Thinking of the amazing and resilient people of Paris. I hope all of our friends are safe. We are praying for you.

Nous vous aimons Paris

We love you Paris.



24 Responses to “Paris”

  1. David Says:



  2. sinecave Says:

    Paris is not alone.


  3. Davos Via 45 Says:

    I was browsing thru our local TV channels, when switching to our 24 hours only news channel…with only French commentary…and the football field is full of people just standing around…In the same second I knew something’s wrong, something bad has happened.
    For hours I watched British, German, US and French TV News Channels…and minute after minute it got worse and worse…I don’t feel sadness or anger, just emptiness…
    I stopped praying and going to church many years ago, as the priests were preaching hate against everyone who doesn’t fit in the religious world viewings, everyone who isn’t “normal” in the eyes of the church or anyone who even dares to criticise the church.


  4. French Man Says:

    Merci à toi, DJPaulT, de t’exprimer sur ce sujet. Toute la France digne se joint à moi pour remercier tous ceux qui pensent à nous et sont avec nous. Grand merci à toi


    rough-diamond Reply:

    Je te rejoins également! merci à Paul et tous nos amis américains et du reste du monde! We love you too…


  5. Roy Mahoney Says:

    A beautiful city with beautiful people. My thoughts and prayers are with all those poor people, totally innocent, just enjoying life and then cut down by these cruel, cowardly and barbaric acts. The terrorists who commit these atrocities will NEVER win, no matter where they strike and how many they kill and injure.


    rough-diamond Reply:

    Merci à toi Roy! From the bottom of my heart…


  6. phil_ Says:

    Dear Paul,

    I’m French and Parisian.

    Thanks for this post.


  7. Richard F. Says:

    Dear Paul,

    I’m French and thank you for your words. We will fight for our liberty


    rough-diamond Reply:



  8. Daniel Says:

    Our Thoughts and Prayers are With The French People and The Parisian Families and all Injured.
    Deep Sympathy at this moment of Tragedy.

    Be Strong, We Know You Are.

    Parisienne Walkways Forever!

    Thanks Paul Ma Man.


    rough-diamond Reply:

    Merci à toi Daniel!
    Strong we are, Free we are and United we stand!
    Gob bless you!


  9. rough-diamond Says:

    je suis Français, je suis Charlie…


    United we stand!
    Merci à toi Paul, merci à vous!
    God bless you all!


  10. mothloop Says:

    More tears than can be counted have been cried out by all of us, everywhere…


  11. Jeff Says:

    My heart goes out to everyone that’s been affected by this atrocity. You all have my tears and prayers.



  12. Kev Says:

    My heart goes out to the French people.

    I’m not sure how these terrible acts can be stopped, but they will never win



  13. rough-diamond Says:

    Thanks for all BTG community! Thanks for all of you, love and support!


  14. Mike Says:

    Amen Paul. Thinking of everyone in Paris. Stay strong; you are not alone.


  15. Daniel Says:

    Hi Paul,

    thank you very much for your touching message. Fortunately, all of my friends are safe.
    What happened is just shocking and unbelievable. These guys don’t act like human beings. Even animals don’t do this! And they pretend to act in the name of God!
    As I have a lot of muslim friends, I know that all this has nothing to do with religion. It’s just the opposite!
    I hope they burn in Hell now!!
    Life goes on and I hope we will be strong to fight against this pest.
    Thanks again Paul for everything you do and for all the joy you bring us on BTG. We need it especially on those hard days.

    Best regards and a lot of love from France



  16. Henk van der Heijden Says:

    I’m still in shock!!
    Paris you are in my heart, i love you


  17. Dirk Says:

    Might I add to the confusion? (Sorry, Paul, for sidetracking, I will understand if you delete my comment, but i mean it sincerely.)

    Why is not everybody angry when there are hundreds of innocent victims caused by the drone-attacks, from western ”civilities” like U.S.A. and Europe. Over 1500 people killed by proxy with a joystick in one hand and a coffee in the other? Just because someone thinks there might be an terrorist in some part of that village.
    I am thinking about those people and their families, co-workers and friends, too.

    Warcrimes by ‘us’, not ‘them’ – is my theme here.


    Daniel Reply:

    Right Dirk. I totally agree with you. Unfortunately the medias don’t talk about these people killed. They deserve our thoughts and prayers as much as the people killed in Paris.


  18. bobbih2 Says:

    You’re absolutely right! My thoughts and prayers are with those who have been effected by this horror!!


  19. Misterfresh Says:

    Paris vous aime !


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