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Limited Posting

Posted by DjPaulT on September 15th, 2015

Hi guys. Posting may be a little limited for a week or two. My mom is getting older and is having some trouble with her eyes so I have been having to take her back and forth to the eye doctor. She lives out of town and comes to stay with me on the days that she has a doctor appointment. I should have mentioned this before now but this has only recently developed. I like to try to keep you all informed of what is going on because I know many of you wait patiently to see what will be posted each day. I am planning to have a new post for you on Thursday or Friday. Next week will also be much like this week. Thank you for being so understanding.

I love you guys.


40 Responses to “Limited Posting”

  1. omar Says:

    Paul, family comes first. Your mom should be your priority . We will gladly wait. Hope she feels better .


  2. Steven Says:

    You’re a good sun, which is first priority. Cheers.


    Steven Reply:

    good sOn 😉


  3. Jay Pascucci Says:

    All the best to you and your mom, Paul.


  4. PeaceCreek Says:

    Paul – no need to post us about this but appreciated nonetheless; we, your followers can wait! Hope your Mom will get better soon soon.

    Please send all our best well wishes.



  5. Meerblick Says:

    Obviously it has priority, hope she will get well soon!!


  6. JestaCat Says:

    That’s a good thing you’re doing mate. Family is important, this online family will be here when you return.


  7. Jeff Says:

    You’re such a good son Paul! I hope everything will be alright with your Mom. As stated, family comes first, the music can wait. Just take care of her and yourself. We all love you and what you do for us.




  8. Nicki Ali Says:

    Hey Paul hope things get better for your mom, i think you are awsome for doing this as i’m doing the same for my mom. they bring us into the world so the least we could do is take care of them when they become old and and ill. god bless and take care.!!!!!


  9. Jay65 Says:

    No need to explain Paul. Best wishes to your mom.


  10. Cdman Says:

    Hope she will be better soon!!
    Big Hugh


  11. Jermajesty Says:

    Family and health first. Hope things go well. 🙂 x


  12. risildowgtn Says:

    no need to explain. moms come first.. <3


  13. Jeffrey Collins Says:


    Glad you can be with your Mom and offer assistance. You are a good son. 🙂


  14. Mike C. Says:

    Glad you’re able to help your Mom. Hope you’re not as distraught as I am over the new Duran album.


  15. Cândido Cesar Says:

    Paul, I want improvements to his mother.
    Do not worry about threads.
    Candido Cesar, from Brazil


  16. KuLDEEP Says:



  17. eatonc70 Says:

    all the best to you and your mom


  18. Magnus Says:

    People make vinyl it can be bought and sold, Family take much more time to get so hold on to your current priorities and keep Family at No 1. All the best.


  19. Nathan Says:

    No need to apologize IMO, but I understand people have been getting used to receiving an e-mail (almost) daily. There’s something that’s more important though, especially since you are doing this for free. So all the best to you and your mother. Don’t worry about us 😉


  20. Peter Says:

    best wishes to your mom and family, take care


  21. Junior Says:

    Wishing you and your mom all the best, Paul 🙂


  22. Jesus Angel Says:

    Desde España con mis mejores deseos.


  23. Veteran Says:

    All the best to you & your mother, Paul!


  24. NORN Says:

    I know you will take wonderful care of your Mom!
    We are all grateful for everything you do!


  25. bobbih2 Says:

    You’re a good son!


  26. Carlos Says:

    Primero lo primero te estaremos esperando mis mejores deseos para tu mama.


  27. Neil D Says:

    Best wishes to your mum


  28. Scott Says:

    Family first, best wishes


  29. Stephen Gilham Says:

    Hello Paul, explanations not necessary. Family should always come first and with that I send my appreciation and kind regards to you and your family.


  30. Dino Says:

    My best wishes for a speedy recovery for your mom and also a big thank you for your music, Paul.
    Nice to meet you from Italy.


  31. ex15 Says:

    Know exactly where your coming from my mum is almost housebound and at 82 with so many disabilities…


  32. musicdivaSF Says:

    Family always comes first and we always appreciate the fact that you keep us in the loop about anything and everything that affects this fantastic blog. Sending you positive healing vibes and please take care of yourself also.


  33. rough-diamond Says:

    My mom has gone away, few months ago… Dear Paul, enjoy each moment with her! best wishes and regards!


  34. Clive Says:

    Hope all turns out ok for your mam,wishing her all the best from the uk


  35. Mario Jose Says:

    All the best for your mom.
    Emejota from Portugal.


  36. Robert Says:

    Best of luck, Paul. My wife has Macular Degeneration, and stopped driving two years ago because of it. I take her wherever she needs to go after work and on weekends.

    I hope everything is ok. Hope she gets better soon.


  37. waxman1000 Says:

    Hi Paul. Family comes first. I hope that your mom makes a full recovery. All the Best.


  38. NU Says:

    Take your time. No rush on the posts. Family matters are what’s important.


  39. Saucer People Says:

    I hope everything goes/has gone well with your mum and it comes as no surprise to me that someone who goes to so much time and effort to share music for free in such high quality (and for so long now) would also be the kind of son who would put his mother first.

    You are one of the good guys, Paul.


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