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The Cars – Hello Again (Germany 12″)

Posted by DjPaulT on June 3rd, 2015


A. Front

New 2015 Re-Rip!
Meticulously Remastered!
First time in 24bit Flac!

Originally posted December 2, 2010

“Hello Again” is a song performed by the rock band The Cars, released in 1984 as the fourth single from the album Heartbeat City. It was the fourth Top 20 hit from the album, reaching number 20 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart; it also reached number 8 on the Dance Music/Club Play Singles chart and number 22 on the Mainstream Rock chart.

Hello Again (Extended Remix Version) 5:55
Hello Again (Dub Version) 6:11

Hello Again (Single Version) 3:46

Vinyl: Near Mint
Sleeve: Near Mint


Year Single Chart Position
1984 Hello Again U.S. Billboard Hot 100 #22
1984 Hello Again U.S. Billboard Mainstream Rock Tracks #20
1984 Hello Again U.S. Billboard Hot Dance Music/Club Play #8


Label: Elektra ‎– 966 929-0
Format: Vinyl, 12″, 45 RPM
Country: Germany
Released: 1984
Genre: Electronic, Rock, Pop
Style: New Wave, Pop Rock, Synth-pop

Art Direction – Carol Friedman
Design [Cover Design] – Jodee Stringham
Edited By – Andy Wallace (tracks: A1, A2) , Latin Rascals, The (tracks: A1, A2)
Engineer [Remix] – Chris Lord-Alge (tracks: A1, A2) , Tom Lord-Alge (tracks: A1, A2)
Photography [Cover] – James Wojcik
Producer – Cars, The , Robert John “Mutt” Lange*
Remix – Arthur Baker (tracks: A1, A2)
Written-By – Ric Ocasek

Special versions from the LP “HEARTBEAT CITY”

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B. Back

Turntable: Pro-Ject Debut Carbon (DC)
Cartridge: Ortofon 2M
Stylus: Ortofon OM Stylus 30
Platter: Pro-Ject Acryl-It platter
Stabilizer: Pro-Ject Record Puck 
Phono Pre-amp:
Bellari VP130 Tube Phono Preamp
Tung-Sol 12AX7ECC803-S Gold Electron Tube
ESI Juli@
Record Cleaning:
VPI HW 16.5 Record Cleaning Machine
Artwork Scans:
Brother MFC-6490CW Professional Series Scanner

Recording/Editing: Adobe Audition 3.0 (Recording)
Down Sampling: iZotope RX Advanced 2
Artwork Editor: Adobe Photoshop CS5
Click Removal: Manual
FLAC/MP3 Conversion: dBpoweramp
M3U Playlist: Playlist Creator

All vinyl rips are recorded @ 32bit/float
FLAC (Level Eight)
MP3 (320kbps)
Artwork scanned at 600dpi

Username: btg
Password: burningtheground

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20 Responses to “The Cars – Hello Again (Germany 12″)”

  1. OMAR Says:

    Thanks Paul. Do you also have 12″ single Heartbeat City?


    DjPaulT Reply:

    Sorry I don’t Omar is it a remix?


    OMAR Reply:

    i think it’s just the album version. It was a UK single.


  2. BE.D12'' Says:

    Great re-rip, Paul!
    is the dub version of the 7″ (5.02) an edit of this 12″ dub version (6.11) ?

    have you got also
    Sharpe & Numan “Change your mind” or/and Sharpe & Niles “Famous people” ?
    many thanks.


    DjPaulT Reply:

    Not sure if it’s an edit BE.D12” I don’t have the 7″ to check. I have “Change Your Mind” will post it when I can 🙂


    NKelly Reply:

    Awesome would love a Sharpe + Numan 12″. Do you have much in the way of Numan in any guise?


  3. Jeff Says:

    Paul!!! You’ve started my engine running rapidly!! I am so EXCITED for this re-rip!! Arthur Baker’s mix was fantastic, and I do have it on a couple of CD compilations, but I am living for the dub version!! I wish Arthur Baker visited here because I’d love to ask him about this mix!! There’s all sorts of (I think) Warner Bros.’ character sound effects in the mix, like Bugs Bunny and the Road Runner. The “Meep Meep” like when the coyote went over the cliff and you hear “Hello. Hello Again.” Such an interesting mix. And those great orchestral stabs and Latin Rascal edits!! Oh, isn’t that the Jaws theme somewhere too in the mix? The John Williams’ fugue he created. A shark saying, “hello”. Oh, I don’t know, I’m just jazzed that you’ve brought this Arthur Baker powerhouse back to our ears. You are jaw-dropping and ear-opening and heart-fluttering AMAZING DjPaulT. I love you so much!!!



    DjPaulT Reply:

    You’re welcome Jeff. This mix and 12″ is out of this world I also love all of the effects poured into this one Arthur Baker and company really pulled out all the stops on this project. So hopefully someone will compare the sound quality of the old rip with this new transfer. I alwys wonder if the new ones sound better 🙂


    Fred Reply:

    Jeff, I have always loved the Dub mix as well…especially given the age/timeframe of this song and the tools back then. To help you out on some of the specific samples on the dub:

    2:40 (and sampled/sped up later) is the beginning of Mickey’s Monkey by Smokey Robinson and the Miracles

    3:20 “uh oh” is Bugs Bunny

    3:52 laugh “he he he what?” is Bugs Bunny again…I believe from the Halloween special where he is at Hansel and Gretel’s house with the witch

    5:32-5:40 Bugs again

    on the Remix:

    5:02 that fall and explosion is definitely Warner Brothers probably Wiley Coyote


    Jeff Reply:

    Hey Fred!!

    Thanks so much for this awesome info concerning the mix. It’s so cool to have someone who really gets into things as much as I do. Ah, the old days when sampling went rampant and crazy ideas and manual tape editing was the state of the art! I am so blessed to have Paul in my life because he’s preserving these ignored “extra” mixes that the compilations ignore. No one does it better than Paul. This guy’s an artisan as well. I could almost see his name on a record label because he cares so much for the music and the….MIX!!

    It’s great to have you too in this community Fred. You’ve made my day!!



    PromoGuy Reply:

    Hey Jeff, Fred and Paul,
    I am fairly sure most of the Bugs Bunny samples came from the 1979 Bugs Bunny/Road Runner movie (mostly classic toons strung together by new animation) – I recoded it on Beta from HBO and watched it over and over. So, I knew most of the clips by heart. Samples from the Bullfighter cartoon are used several times.

    Also, at the time, this was about the only way to get sound bites from WB toons, unless you got lucky and recorded them on afternoon/Saturday mornings.

    You know, on the Redbull interview with Baker, he confessed to doing a lot of drugs, which to me, explains a lot about how amazingly crazy these awesome remix and dubs are.


  4. Meddows Says:

    Wow, this is a great mix! Thank You, Paul!

    Do you have “Secret Service (1981) Flash In The Night (Canada “12)”?


    DjPaulT Reply:

    sorry Meadows I don’t have that 12″ at this time as more donations come in I will do mt best to get a copy 🙂


  5. Mark Says:

    Rest in peace, Ben Orr.


    Mike C. Reply:

    Second that.


  6. Juliano Says:

    Thanx for this one, Paul!!!

    I hope to see more mixes from Arthur Baker here 🙂
    Greetings from Brazil


  7. NKelly Says:

    Great i missed this first time around!


  8. CL Says:



  9. Nik Popa Says:

    So many fingers in this mix! Latin Rascals on the Edits! Chris Lord-Alge (tracks: A1, A2) , Tom Lord-Alge, Mutt Lange
    And Arthur Baker . . These were the good days. .


  10. michael Says:

    great, thank you


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