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Diana Ross Concert Review

Posted by DjPaulT on April 25th, 2014

Had a great time last night at the Diana Ross concert. She sounded great. Overall the crowd was enthusiastic with mainly the center floor area standing for most of the show. There were a couple of hickups though. During the opening number “I’m Coming Out” Miss Ross seemed to forget the lyrics to the song. She also never really spoke to the crowd i’ve never been to a Diana Ross concert before so maybe that’s just her thing. The show itself was pretty short about an hour and twenty minutes.

The closing number was “I Will Survive” with no real encore she just came back out and sing it some more. There wre numerous costume changes throughout the show and when it ended she just walked off the stage without saying goodnight thanks for coming just nothing. I was a bit let down with the merchadise there was a biography book for sale and a program from the “I Love You” tour and one t-shirt. There were many songs from The Supremes era and mostly her Motown songs nothing from the RCA era except “Why Do Fools Fall In Love”. She did surprise me by doing “Ease On Down The Rad” from “The Wiz” wasn’t expecting that one another highlight and my personal favorite was “Love Child”.

At one point a man approached the stage to give her flowers but she ignored him so he layed them on the edge of the stage. Diana then said don’t bring me anything unless it’s diamonds.

All in all a fun and interesting show.


Venue: The Joint Hard Rock Hotel/Casino, Tulsa, Oklahoma

April 24, 2014

14 Responses to “Diana Ross Concert Review”

  1. Brasky Says:

    You pretty much described her as many others have–soulless..


    Lulu Reply:

    Hatin’ on Diana is so 1986…she’s a 70 year old grandmother of two. Cut her some slack.


    Lulu Reply:

    This is on par with the level of banter I’m used to (minus the family/Detroit chatter):



  2. Lulu Says:

    How odd that she seemed aloof. The last time I saw her and went to the stage she took my hand. She also signed a “Swept Away” LP and a MEGO doll box that folks had handed to her. Another lucky guy or two got to groove with her to “Upside Down”. This was in 2011 which really wasn’t that long ago. I thought the best moments were “Don’t Explain”. Did she do that? Nothing “soulless” about her rendition of that…


  3. Brasky Says:

    Sorry, there are just too many accounts of her, just as DjPaul described. You’re obviously a fan or wouldn’t have been so kind as to describe her actions as only aloof.
    I don’t believe the media or music fans have it in for her..She’s obviously rubbed a fair amount of people the wrong way over the years…Rumor has it, that stated in her contract, staff is not to make eye contact with her…That’s almost laughable but I can’t help but wonder if there’s some truth to it.


    Lulu Reply:

    I’m fan of her music and performances. I don’t care about her personal life or the gossip and rumors when it comes to celebrities and I think a lot of the negativity stems all the way back to The Supremes days when those who felt they were more talented were snubbed because she became a bigger star. There seemed to be a lot of resentment and jealousy, that’s all. I can’t speak for anyone else’s experiences but she’s always seemed warm and appreciative of her audience. I think that video from last year is pretty indicative. This is also the same woman who used to spend 10-20 minutes walking through the audience shaking hands with people during one of her signature songs as evident on countless video performances. Rumor has it that she stopped with the advent of social media and the internet as folks often get “too close” these days (remember the guy who grabbed Beyonce’s butt?!?)

    Anyway, in the little I’ve read up on what you alluded to, most of the negative comments seem to come from either “fans” who felt dissed by her in some way or her peers who, again, felt that she ascended while they languished. Even the reference you made about the eye contact came from a book that eventually, the author regretted writing and actually rewrote it and released it with a more “gentle” tone. I’ve had the opportunity to meet a couple of her kids and even a few former Supremes. Everyone was lovely and I didn’t feel an ounce of rudeness or any hostility towards her.

    She’s one of those artists that people seem to either love or hate. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of gray area and I won’t stoop to the level of some obsessive fan vehemently defending their diva. Those are a dime a dozen on the ‘net these days.


  4. giorgios-greece Says:

    lucky you dj!!!!!!!!


  5. JAC Says:

    I admit Diana Ross does seem a bit “untouchable”… but why the need for anything more? I know a lot of fans feel close to her, but she doesn’t know you. Why is it that so many people think it terrible of entertainers that keep you at arms length and refuse to get personal. Some people I know have answered that question by explaining that these celebrities need to give something back in return for the love, fanship, and money that they receive, but it’s their services (singing, acting) that you paid for (and already rendered, mind you), not their friendship.

    Just how much can they give?

    It’s easy for you to connect to someone else, even in a brief but courteous way, because you simply don’t do it all the time. Celebrities are constantly expected of this. It’s truly draining, and because of this they have to find ways to deal with it.

    But getting back to Diana Ross specifically. For a moment, try to be empathetic. Imagine she’s a little scared of a guy walking up to her. Just imagine that. So she hides her insecurities with slight diva behavior and a joke. We don’t know what’s going on inside. Not for Diana Ross or any other seemingly cold, impersonal, celebrity.

    Just my thoughts on Diana Ross and celebrity behavior in general. Not criticizing DJ Paul who gives an honest and fair review.


  6. ric Says:

    Ahh…the ways of the diva!
    I’m still thankful for the brilliant songs she gave us.


  7. Bruce Says:

    The last time I saw Diana Ross was in back in the late 80’s. Workin Overtime had just been released and she had to work that room as her star had obviously faltered somewhat. She did it though just as the pro she is. The most magical moment of the show was when she came down from the stage and sang to an older couple who sat to my right. She sang Endless Love to them. Next to them was a young man in a wheel chair. He handed her a note and she stopped the show to read it. She suggested the band play something and as she read the note she held onto that young man and then offered him a kiss…a sweet moment if there ever was one.

    What ever an artist does or does not do they will never be perfect for all. However there are many moments in time when I’m sure they have not only blown their fans away but probably have been so touched by the love and support they just don’t know how to take it all in.

    The tour merchandise has certainly dropped as it’s costly to produce and since there is no major backer nor record label she bares the brunt of most costs. Return my be slim for the demographic that she caters to.

    All in all she is master entertainer and will forever be remember as one of the best!


  8. ianbucko Says:

    Had a similar experience seeing Adam Ant recently…no encore, left the stage without even a thank you for coming. Must be catching!


  9. Nathan Alan Says:

    Could be that Ms. Ross just turned 70 I think I read 26 of March. She was born in 1944. She’s thinking, “I’m getting too old for this,” but she’s grown used to a quality of life she doesn’t want to give up, and royalties + Social Security alone won’t keep her there. She does the shows to pay for the staff and the brazilian hair extensions (those run into the multi $1,000.00s for a well coiffed woman, Christmas for the grand kids, but 70 still feels like 70, diva or no diva. I have a friend here in Colorado who has gone to her show in the past 3 years, (2011?) and enjoyed himself immensely. Could be you caught her on a night she was just too tuckered out for an encore, couldn’t tell you. I think the comment about “unless you bring me diamonds” was tongue in cheek. She is known for having a cheeky sense of humor isn’t she? I am glad you had a fun and interesting time, even if the performance or encore wasn’t at the level she was known for in years past, or you are used to seeing from other performers.

    After an angry mob at the old “The Omni” soccer arena in Atlanta GA rushed the stage, the exits, the streets, and scared the crap out of me at an INXS concert in 1988, I don’t enjoy live shows. A few people in the front tore chairs from the floor and hurled them on the stage, and the fire marshall closed the show not long after it started. Rednecks were shooting guns from their cars into the air in the streets and I thought they were shooting at people in the crowd, it didn’t help before all this happened someone kept handing me a joint the size of a large cigar, and I felt like a big party pooper if I didn’t hit it. MJ always makes me paranoid and have high anxiety, I cannot smoke the weed. So I suffered a minor PTSD from that experience. Then early 1990s I was at Red Rocks Stadium in Colorado and a strong wind blew the contact lenses from my eyes and I couldn’t see 2 feet in front of my face, I had to hold someone’s hand to get back to the van when the show I couldn’t see was over. It was a calmer Moody Blues crowd with parents and their children, but it really sucked, especially being outdoors at night I couldnt’ even see my feet, I was scared I was going to fall flat on my face. Now the only “live” shows I see are the ones they show on HBO, and they aren’t many or very often at all. I can remember 3 in the past 4 or 5 years, there were probably others I just can’t remember.

    Thanks for sharing your Diana Ross concert DJ Paul T.


  10. NouveauDance Says:

    The one time I saw her in the UK about 7 or 8 years ago now probably, we had a really great time and she seemed in good spirits and talked to the audience. Her voice was also in good standing, our expectations were met and surpassed.

    Maybe we caught her on a good day, or you on a bad one?


  11. AntBee Says:

    I’ve seen Miss Ross twice in my lifetime. Each time was spectacular, just as one would expect from someone like her. Granted, these shows were in the early 80s. She was known for talking to the audience, interacting with audience members and her costume changes. She was, and to me, still is, the consummate entertainer. Like others have said, she is not a young woman any longer, so her energy levels are not going to be the same from venue to venue. I am thinking of going to Ontario to see her, as that is as close as she is coming to me up here in Canada. I want to see her one last time.


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