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Oklahoma Tornado

Posted by DjPaulT on May 21st, 2013

As many of you know I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma which is about 90 miles northeast of of Moore a highly populated suburb of Oklahoma City where a massive tornado struck yesterday afternoon. This storm has caused major damage and loss of life. The tornado carved a path two miles wide and nearly 30 miles long leaving destruction as far as the eye can see. My thoughts and prayers go out to the people of my state that are hurting, it is unimagineable what has occured. As we have seen so many times before in other disasters help is greatly needed. One way you can help is by visiting the the Red Cross web site. On that site you can find different ways that you can help and make an impact. My thoughts and prayers are with my fellow Oklahomans.



9 Responses to “Oklahoma Tornado”

  1. Kenneth Says:

    We’re glad to know that you’re OK. Keep us posted! Praying for your peoples!


  2. ric Says:

    Seems like the world today has no shortage of sad news and devastation.
    Glad to know you’re OK, Paul.


  3. woz Says:

    That amount of loss is hard to wrap your head around. My thoughts are with the people there and I hope for an amazing regeneration of that area.


  4. McDoC Says:

    Glad to know you’re fine Paul. Prayers for those affected.


  5. David Says:

    I heard that P.P. Arnold performed “Love Is Love” from this movie. An upload of this version would be great too!


  6. Connner Says:

    Is this your charity of choice to donate to for victim support? or there a local one that you would prefer?


    DjPaulT Reply:

    Hi Conner I actually prefer OKStrong because all of the money goes directly to Oklahoma storm victims. It’s a fund established for long term needs of Oklahoma Tornado victims; Here is the link: http://www.ok.gov/okstrong/


    Conner Reply:

    Done. Thanks for the info!


    DjPaulT Reply:

    You’re welcome Conner 🙂


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