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New Tab Added To BTG!

Posted by DjPaulT on January 26th, 2013

Happy weekend everyone! Have you ever wanted to know the history of the 12″ single? I thought it would fun to add a new page to the blog just for that. If you look at the top of the page you will see several tabs. Just click the one that says “History Of The 12 Inch” there you will be able to read all about how the glorious 12″ came to be. I even learned a few things that I never knew. I hope you enjoy reading.

~ Paul

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  1. ric Says:

    Great read, didn’t know about the pre-70s history!
    When I first started learning the trick of DJing, I had to constantly check the rpm because I use both US and UK/German 12″s. Once or twice I played the single at the wrong speed, ending up in either the chipmunk or the devil coming off the speakers! LOL!


    DjPaulT Reply:

    Lol you are so funny Ric. I have done that before myself 🙂


  2. regularjoe Says:

    There is a fairly recent with Tom Moulton on NPR that covers a lot of this straight from the horse’s mouth so to say. There are some pretty good interviews with him on the internet if you search and the NPR piece has a link to a Soundcloud file of a mix that he did in the early 1970’s. Enjoy.



    DjPaulT Reply:

    Thanks Regularjoe for the link. Great read.


  3. Ramone Says:

    Id honestly have to say that ‘Everybody’ was the 1st 12″ single I ever bought. (high school was good for something wasnt it) I LOVED the ‘dance mix/remix title they tagged onto songs. Id also have to say the last 12″ single I ever bought was more than likely Company B. I never sought out and bought the Patrick Cowley 12″ single megamix of ‘I feel love’ as I could find it on various sites like yours and on youtube. (with varying degrees of quality) The only 12″ singles I have with me now are by Company B, Pretty Poison and Missing Persons. A friend of mine recently offered me his vinyl to mp3 turntable and I went crazy on it. The 12″ single is forever burned in my memory and as an devout ’80s child’ has made me who I am today !


    DjPaulT Reply:

    Gosh I can’t remember the first 12″ I bought. I think it may have been one of three either Duran Duran “The Reflex”, Cyndi Lauper “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” or Pat Benatar “Love Is A Battlefield””. Those three come to my mind first 🙂


  4. Michael Says:

    I am a (DJ) Kid of the 80ties and once I discovered the 12″s the world was never be the same. I don’t remember what my first one was but it might have been Nik Kershaw: Wouldn’t it be good; Howard Jones: Like to get to know you well or even Dead or Alive: You spin me round. I had no idea about the Jamaican Reggae Roots and its kind of funny to say that I never really got that much into Reggae even though the day I have discovered a Dub Version on a 12″, I was instantly hooked and bought many many 12″‘s only because of the Dub Versions or the Bonus Beats. Back in the days I played the Rage Hard 12″ and put the M/A/R/R/S Pump up the Volume (to me still the best Bonus Beats ever) underneath the beginning of the mix with the female voice.

    I miss the days where I had my record collection and my two 1210. Thank you for your blog that allows me to find some of my 12″ back and get to be a teenager again listening to my Dub’s and Bonus Beats. I had about 7000 through all genres but also a lot of Chicago House from the 80ties, which I believe you might enjoy like as well.


    DjPaulT Reply:

    Thanks Michael for sharing your story. I can appreciate how much yoi loved your singles. I never really knew how many people out there were touched as much by the 12″ as I was until I started Burning The Ground.


    Michael Reply:

    Thank You for sharing your precious 12″ 🙂 but you are very welcome. I miss the days where I could walk into our department store into their record section and they had the top 100 7″ on display as well as the top 100 LP charts. They also had the top 50 12″ on display and i went and checked almost every afternoon. The one 12″ I never found (besides years later in a second hand store in the USA) was Duran Duran A view to a kill! That was such a bummer that they never made one … In 1987 (i believe) I bought a 12″ on BCM Records called the History of the House Sound of Chicago Megamix. I really thought it was a Megamix from the group Chicago – I almost passed out because that was not what I expected at all. No one of my friends knew any of the artists and it took me a while before it grew on me. Plus I soon found a bunch of friends that were just as huge 12″ nerds as I was 🙂

    Wish I could still be … am really missing my records!


  5. Jan Says:

    Awesome read! I have always had a liking for 12″ maxi singles since i got into music in the early 80s. Come to think of it i seldom prefer the 7″ versions to the 12″ extended or remixed formats. Most of pocket money went into buying them! Nothing could beat the feeling tracking down a maxi single of my favourate songs. Those were the days… 🙂


    DjPaulT Reply:

    Jan those certainly were the best times for music in my opinion. Loved going to Musicland or Peaches records to see the new singles every week.


  6. MusicMan3 Says:

    Thanks for the info on the 12″, Paul – it’s truly fascinating. I remember buying 12″ singles back in the 80s, and even having my local record store back order singles for me. I was obsessed with Bananarama and Swing Out Sister, and whenever a new single came out, it felt like Christmas Day.


    DjPaulT Reply:

    I know how you felt MusicMan3. And if you didn’t buy the 12″ as soon as it came out it was gone within a couple of weeks.


  7. JohanErikson Says:

    Thanks for the tab Paul. To be honest, I think the golden age of the 12″ ended in 88 or 89, after that I feel it became too much, up to ten remixes of each song (yes, I am looking at YOU Depeche mode) made by numerous differend DJs where almost no remixes even resembled the original song. To me, most good remixes build on the song in more or less radical reworkings, but in the remix flood in the early 90s many remixes only had the title in common with the original song. In the glory days of, say, 81-87, there were so many great 12″ remixes in all kinds of music.


  8. wolfie Says:

    Great selection of Pet Shop Boys and great new tab

    Do you have any Cicero? Specifically his cover of Soft Cell “Say Hello Wave Goodbye” 4 track 12” single – can’t find it anywhere.

    Hope you can make wolfie howl with delight xxx


  9. JOHN Says:

    hola Paul saludos desde Lima Peru (sudamerican – macchupucchu Imp Inka )Paul,muy agradecido con tu web site por favor podrias Re – post… los hits maxis de Howard Jones y poner los maxis de Roxette….te lo agradesco de antemano ..gracias thnks you so much…bye saludos desde Lima Peru


  10. woz Says:

    Viva la 12 inch!

    (and thanks to Paul, many will live longer now that they’ve been digitized) 8)


  11. partytimeboy Says:

    Great read DJ PaulT, Oh the vinyl days!!!

    Have no idea of the Jamaica origins, only the Tom Moulton from a disco documentary.

    Other comments brought some memories back:

    -Some remixes that the only thing similar to the original version was the song title, got dissapointed on some of the 12″ (specially some from 90’s) for very excited on most.

    -Since there was no 12″ pressing in my country you gotta get the 12″‘s the day they came to the import store or you might never get the title you want, ever!!!

    -The wear out of the cue points, the “bullet proof” resistance to scratch sound compared to the normal LP Albums, the “bass punch” of the maxi vinyls, wow!!

    -On the SL1200 when the record changes fidelity when needle aproaches the center of the record (this issue has a name, don’t remember), so you prefer the useful remixes or version were at the begining(edge of the record).

    -The feedback hum sound on the gigs when bass speakers were near.

    That age is gone for many of us, and many of today’s DVS DJ’s with tracktor or serato might never know or feel all this 🙁 and forget about the cd or software DJs!!! So I am glad I lived that, and I am happy there are sites like this to remember all those great days.

    Thanks DjPaulT


  12. Duncanmusic Says:

    I started out as a party DJ in the early 70s when friends would invite me to parties and give me a ll the smoke and brew I wanted to bring the best of my records and be in charge of music for the night. I got my first club gig in 1975 and played 7 ” singles and LP cuts. In 1976 I got a job at a used record store and my collection expanded. I also had a friend at a Rock Radio station who let me scarf all the disco 12″ i wanted since they didn’t play it. About that time iu started seeing more and more 12″ singles coming in ‘used’…most were promos nobody wanted. I also started buying imports at another store as my DJ jobs increased at another club to 6 days a week between bands. At one point I counted over 3000 12″ in my collection. This blog helps me recreate much of the collection which was decimated by a 1993 sell-off of over 150,000 pieces (LPs, 45s, 78s, 12″, etc).

    I saved my ‘working’ collection from the sale and still have about 500 choice 12″ singles.

    When I started working in retail records in 1971 we used to go to a local one-stop to buy fills we needed between major distributor shipments. On the wall by the check-out counter was a 12″ with a big piece out of it. I’ve looked forEVER for a copy and never saw it again in 27 years of working retail and used. The Record? American Pie by Don McLean. A promo only to make it easier for the radio DJs to play that LONG song. It HAs to date from when the LP was current 1972. I also still have a 12″ single of Creedence Clearwater revival doing ‘Heard It Through The Grapevine’ on Fantasy with a B&W portrait of the band on the cover. Never seen another one of those, also gotta be from same era as LP (or shortly thereafter)again put on 12″ because it was an ‘inside’ the side LP track.

    BTW, do you have any of the ‘Medley’ 12″ that were released? I have on by Creedence that was fantastic, going through 5 or 6 of their hits, a far superior mix than an earlier 7″ mix of different songs and edits. I collected ‘Medley’ records for a while and also re-mixes of Heritage Rock acts. Still have: Four Tops, Supremes, Jackson 5, The Sweet, Kinks (You Really Got Me/All Day & All Of The Night), Ritchie Valens (La Bamba/Let’s Go plus another one of radical La Bamba remixes), a Little Richard remix on Specialty, Johnny Rivers, plus 7″ Medley mixes of Hollies, Squeeze, Beatles and several others I can’t recall or reach since they’re still packed away after my move this summer. BTW, I am 61.


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