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Various Artists – DjPaulT’s Maniacal 80’s Halloween Party

Posted by DjPaulT on October 9th, 2010



The eighties have arrived for your Halloween pleasure wether you get a trick or a treat this compilation is sure to thrill. All of the monster tracks have been taken from the original CD sorce, there is one track that I ripped from vinyl can you guess which one it is? I hope that this compilation will make it’s way to your Halloween scare fest. Most of the tracks included in this package are out of print and difficult to find. I wanted to put together a blend of popular and obsure tracks. So go ahead turn out the lights and lock the doors then turn it up loud. Happy Halloween.

PLEASE NOTE: If downloading the FLAC version you must download both parts to unpack the files properly.

01 – Opening 0:07
02 – Kim Carnes – Carzy In The Night (Barking At Airplanes) 3:32
03 – Olivia Newton-John – Electric 3:50
04 – Michael Jackson – Thriller (Remix Edit) 4:12
05 – Grace Jones – Demolition Man 4:03
06 – Diana Ross – Eaten Alive (Extended Remix) 5:51
07 – Goon Squad – Eight Arms To Hold You 4:15
08 – Oingo Boingo – Flesh ‘n Blood 4:17
09 – Pet Shop Boys – In The Night (Arthur Baker Extended Mix) 6:28
10 – Boys Next Door – Stop Watch Killer (12” DJ Version) 5:49
11 – Kon Kan – Harry Houdini (Remix) 3:47
12 – Flash & The Pan – Midnight Man (Extended Version) 6:59
13 – Elton John – Love is a Cannibal 3:54
14 – Sheena Easton – I Like The Fright 3:49
15 – David Essex – Moonlight Dancing 5:56
16 – Thompson Twins – Savage Moon 4:40
17 – Kate Bush – Hounds Of Love 3:02
18 – Duran Duran – New Moon On Monday 4:12
19 – Then Jerico – The Hitcher 5:52
20 – Samantha Fox – Now I Lay Me Down 4:20
21 – SSQ (Stacey Q) – Tonight (We’ll Make Love Until We Die) 3:38
22 – Queen – The Invisible Man (7” Version) 3:56
23 – Eurythmics – Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) (Hot Remix) 5:19
24 – Dead Or Alive – The Stranger 4:49
25 – Janet Jackson – Black Cat (‘3 Snaps Up’ 7”) 4:23
26 – Maniacal End 0:13

Label: Not On Label
Catalog #: HALLO2010
Released: October 9, 2010
Genre: Electronic
Style: Synth-pop
Producer: DjPaulT
Design: DjPaulT
Photography: Russell Mulcahy

Compiled By: DjPaulT
All Tracks Digitally Mastered
Special Thanks to the original labels,producers,remixers and the artists

Exact Audio Copy (EAC)
Adobe Audition 3.0 (Editing)
Adobe Photoshop CS5
Playlist Creator
Artwork scanned at 600dpi
Brother MFC-6490CW Professional Series Scanner

PW: burningtheground

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30 Responses to “Various Artists – DjPaulT’s Maniacal 80’s Halloween Party”

  1. Patrick Hannan Says:

    This is another great post, Great songs, Thanks


  2. tockdog Says:

    Nice work, thank you so much!


  3. OraiGOdai Says:

    I’m behind in my posting, so I’ll write something
    I finish loading and hearing the “goodies”.



  4. Robert Brown Says:

    Excellent collection, Paul. There are quite a few I have never heard before and am happy to discover them.
    My guess is that that Kon Kan track is the one ripped from vinyl. Alot of 80s Canadian artists never had 12″ singles released on CD.


    DjPaulT Reply:

    Robert good guess but Kon Kan is not the correct answer. I will tell you it’s a male artist.


    ric Reply:

    Hi Paul!
    Is it MJ’s Thriller?
    Had the impression that the Edit was only on vinyl…


    DjPaulT Reply:

    Ric sorry it’s not MJ. That edit is actually from the Thriller – Visionary Single. Visionary: The Video Singles is a series of 20 of Michael Jackson’s hit singles, released in Europe between February 20, 2006 and June 26, 2006, and then released in North America as a boxed set on November 14, 2006.


    Gene Savage Reply:

    I was going to guess Diana Ross’s Eaten Alive (due to tiny bit of hum at end) or Grace Jones’s Demolition Man (due to apparent mono mix until about 1:37 when the stereo image opens up)… but you said it is a MALE artist! Hm-m-m…

    That’s what’s so great about your rips: you get fidelity from vinyl that’s nearly impossible to tell from the master tapes used to make the record in the first place. Thank you for your exceptional work!!!


    DjPaulT Reply:

    I’ll give you another hint. It’s a really cool song probably one of my favs on this compilation and the singer is also an actor on stage and scrreen.


    Dan Reply:

    It must be David Essex then. I think I remember hearing that he did some acting, even though he is probably best remembered for his original hit recording of “Rock On”.

    By the way, is the version of “Thriller” that’s on here the same version that was released as a 45/7″ single? I’ve never been able to find the single version on CD before.

    Excellent job with this compilation, Paul…..in my mind you are a master when it comes to music! Thanks very much for this and all your hard work in bringing us all this great, rare music.


    DjPaulT Reply:

    Hi Dan you are correct it is David Essex “Moonlight Dancing” taken from the album “The Whisper” 1983 which has not been issued on CD. I am not sure about the MJ “Thriller” mix it is from this release:



    retrogroove Reply:

    Yes this version of “Thriller” is the same as on the USA 7″ single released in 1984 – I’ve got the 7″ – great to finally have it in CD quality! And Goon Squad’s “Eight Arms…”, one of my favorite tracks from 1985. AWESOME!!! Thank you.


  5. nojarama Says:

    Love it! Great job!!! Thankies for sharing your fabulous mix!


  6. chwee Says:

    Has it been a year already?! Oh my!! I remember the 2 Volumes you put together for us last year! THANK YOU!


  7. Supersizeme Says:

    Great post! Worth it for a lovely remaster of “The Stranger” by Dead or Alive!!! Thank you x


  8. Stone Says:

    Great compilation Paul. One can really tell that you have put a lot of time and effort into it.


  9. nick69 Says:

    What a great compilation Paul!!!
    Thank you


  10. David Says:

    Thanks for this great compilation P-Sq. I know which one’s ripped from vinyl :))

    I’ll keep it to myself for now so someone else can guess…

    Love the selections you’ve chosen.



  11. Bellenger1981 Says:

    Thank you, Paul, for this excellent collection and FLAC upload. Fantastic. 🙂


  12. myfavoritereeder Says:

    Holy Cow! Then Jericho? Way to dig deep.


  13. SkaryMoviez Says:

    Too bad Toto Coelo’s “I Eat Cannibals” or “Dracula’s Tango” wasn’t on this. Would have made an excellent addition to this awesome collection. Thanks for posting!!!


  14. RobNYC Says:

    Love the Duran Duran Wild Boys video cover.


  15. dwight Says:

    my fav track from this comp is the flash & the pan one, love this band !
    thanks a lot Paul !


  16. dreamtime Says:

    Hi DjPaulT!

    just wanted to say thank you for this compilation. I hope you dodn´t mind that I made a post about it on my blog: http://dreamtimemix.blogspot.com/2010/10/djpaults-maniacal-80s-halloween-party.html

    happy halloween!


  17. ra1apm Says:

    … 😀 … GRACIAS.


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  19. Javier Says:

    Can you repost it. Thanks!


  20. Kyler Says:

    Yes, please repost!! thanks in advance, DjPaulT!


    DjPaulT Reply:

    Links are fixed enjoy!


  21. NKelly Says:

    Lol strange one this just seen it and to my amazement it’s live as above comment states!


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